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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another drink please....

It's not that I want Christmas to be over but the truth is... I want the rush before Christmas to be over. I love the day and enjoy it immensely. I love the warmth of my house filled with people that  mean the world to me.  Im thrilled as I observe my children delight in their new electronics and such. The preparation of food and setting the table always feels like a beautiful accomplishment and with proper planning and organization, everything can flow perfectly.

My shopping is almost done, my presents are almost wrapped so all that I have left is the three thousand trips to gourmet markets. Garelick and Herbs take me away..... thank you Paola and Jason Garelick for making the holidays simpler.
Nonetheless, there is still a multitude of things to do that turn into endless lists that turn into anxiety and wonderment as to where in the world any of us will find the time to do all that we need to. Oh and then there is the cookie exchange. Im not a baker so the thought of producing endless cookies has become a stressor for me. No one will notice if my cookies are from Luigi's right?  Don't worry ladies, it was a joke a really bad joke. I promise I will bake my own cookies- it must be a suburban thing as when I lived in the city- no cookie exchanges but I do recall lingerie parties... again Im just kidding.

I have also invited more people than usual for Christmas this year.  I think the Jewish people at my gathering are beginning to out number those who will be celebrating Jesus. My house is open to the people I love and the friends I seldom see so the more the merrier. What's a few extras- Im Italian so I love that- fill my house with friends and family and let me feed you.  I truly enjoy a house full of people and a celebration. Add a little wine and it's all perfection in my mind.

So, the bottom line is that Im almost ready for Christmas which should give me some consolation. However, I tell my children often that " almost doesn't count" so Im living with my own words. It's fine, I shall get everything done and the day will be lovely and happy for everyone. The best day other than Christmas is the day after Christmas. The madness has lifted, everyone is calmer and the frenzy has passed. 
We can sink into Winter knowing that snow will soon be here to torture all of us and any sort of running around will slow down.

Oh no- then comes New Year's Eve. God help us all if we don't have a plan. I love a plan- I thrive on having on a plan- I suppose that comes with my internal sense of being an organized person. One thing Im certain of is the fact that Im not entertaining. Reservations are a good idea or perhaps a little outing to one of my favorite cities. I will worry about that tomorrow. Today- obsessing about what cookie to bake is going to take up most of my morning. Then I have a Holiday luncheon with some good friends. Oh no, I need a grab bag gift... see how that goes. 

 In a few days- my job of creating the perfect Christmas will be over and the joy of my Christmas tree will be no more.  The joy of watching my cat climb up  the tree to catch the silk bird and frequently "almost" knock it over will be replaced with something more mundane. I will ease into the end of the holiday bliss and sigh knowing that my efforts made the difference to those that I love.

 Oh, and then Im checking into a fabulous hotel just to make sure that my year is reflected upon in the correct manner. After the holidays, a little solitude is essential and don't forget a little extra glass of wine. xo

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