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Friday, August 21, 2015

Still Smiling

This one hurts, this one is taking longer to heal and this one is pushing me a little bit harder. It's okay though- I can handle it, the worst is over.

 I am on the mend and I have reduced my chance of getting breast and ovarian cancer by 90 percent. I am aware there are no guarantees, but I took control of a situation that was all mine.  I had no need for speculation or contemplation. If my test was positive, I would have two surgeries, period. I never required further input from anyone other than my doctors.

It's strange, with the two past surgeries I have had, I barely read about them as I knew I was in great hands and the surgeons would do what seemed medically appropriate given my positive Brca2 gene. It helped of course that my boyfriend and many of my family members are physicians. However, I didn't hem and haw I just scheduled the dates for surgery, happy I could get to Paris in between. After that I gave into faith, the universe, the doctors, the nurses, the entire system.

 I let go and never fixated on my surgery, other then setting the date, having a few visits to the surgeons, and of course making sure all my loves were cared for.
The obvious tasks of life including preparing my children for school was in fact done right after our trip in July. To be organized and have life in order ensures a lack of anxiety for my type A personality. Checklist was done, I was mentally and physically prepared from the beginning.

It is only now that I am truly learning looking into the exact techniques and aspects of the surgery that I had done. I am so glad I didn't look at it prior or I would have been truly nervous. I was not nervous at all at the time. I realize now all of the complications and challenges that could have occurred which again makes me grateful that I did not search the internet night and day about my procedures. Did I do it one or twice yes... more than that- definitely not. Most of what you will find along with informaton are all the horror stories and negative people who need a place to vent. Trust me, stay away from google if you need surgery.

I was at peace for both of my surgeries, and I felt so good about having the courage to take my life into my hands. Always knowing there would be risk involved as well as pain. I was strong enough to do it and I can't help but feel good about that.

I am on the mend, I am relieved, blessed and grateful to my friends, my family, my talented and amazing surgeons and to all who love me.  I am still in discomfort but I know that it will pass.

I am in awe of the caring and kindness that has been expressed to me, and I will never forget all of you who have helped along on this journey.

If you are ever having surgery, talk to me- I can help you prepare for it. I am confident that the approach that I had with both of mine hold the key to a quicker recovery, a lessening of anxiety and an overall peace.  A peaceful mind is the gift you can give your body, yourself and the people around you. 
Your healing time will be a journey that will remain with you,  but you will be okay and your life will resume to normalcy.
You have to do the work however to get your mind in that place. It's pretty amazing. xo

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