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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Her Body Is So…...

“Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images.” Cheri K Erdham

Six Beautiful Sexy Models Are Sitting On The Sofa
I laughed when I read the above quote because I think there is great truth to it. Everyday in every way we hear about bodies and exercise and the struggles of the issues that people get absorbed with.
She’s too fat, she’s too skinny- her boobs are too big- her boobs look fake- her boobs are too small- I have to work out- I hate to work out- Im going to Zumba- I hate Zumba- Have you tried Hot Yoga? That’s it- Im starting boot camp tomorrow and it goes on and on and on.
 I personally do not partake in discussing other women’s bodies. I have zero interest in what anyone’s work out regime is or if you are doing a juice fast.

If you feel the need to lose weight then do so. If you go boot camp and love it, Im thrilled for you. If you want to do Yoga or spinning.. wonderful, I hope you enjoy it. No, I don't want to go spinning but thank you for asking. I do not like group exercise outings- not for me. 

It’s the endless discussion that baffles me. This is not only the case in real life but it also becomes part of the news.  In the news we hear about successful women who are not stick figures and are very successful both mentally and professional. The singer Adele comes to my mind as she has no desire to lose weight and will fire anyone who suggests otherwise. The fact that the woman is happy with her figure has made it all over the press and television.  This is newsworthy?
 I do find that rather disturbing because really- who cares about it. Then there is Demi Moore, we know that she is not so happy with herself and her body and is tormented by an unobtainable ideal of perfection. How sad for her.
I have never been skinny but rather curvy.  Im thankfully not obsessed with being a size 2 and having a stick figure would be less than ideal for me. That’s just me- I have happily embraced my body and while I desire to remain fit and in shape- I have accepted the reality of the type of body that I have. I would love to be taller but it’s not going to happen and all the stretching that I do… does anyone really want to hear about it. I didn’t think so. 
We live in a beauty conscious world and there is no doubt about it, but look around you for a healthy dose of reality.
How many supermodels exist out there – eight or so. They certainly don’t live around here- perhaps they are your neighbors and if so- can you ask them if they do Hot Yoga for me- because I really care. ” The human body is the best work of all.” xo


Anonymous said...

How tall are you?

HolisticK9Team said...

Well looking at Venus Von Willendorf beauty is relative...every culture has its own trends...African american VS Hindi, Mediterranean VS Central European.....
Even Magazines find to "Model" is not encouraging people to buy.