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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sexy Pajamas

The other day I was in Victoria Secret and had to chuckle. There was a man clearly in his fifties shopping for his lover apparently for the first time. He was trying to figure out her size with the sales woman and it was rather comical. The pretty girl had a very low cut shirt and bent over ever so slightly- "Are her breasts as large as mine?... or is she more petite. I could almost feel the vibration of this man's heart pounding as he feverishly glanceed at her revealing bust. " I think she's smaller" as his eyes darted from breasts to floor. I found the entire scene very amusing, as I tried to pretend I didn't hear a word.

I give him a lot of credit. Many men would not dare to ask and simply come home with some exotic creation in a size too small. Or perhaps, simply go online and purchase a few different things with the hope that something would fit. This man was different and he actually spent a lot of time deciding what would delight his woman, and clearly him as well. 

Hmm..  lingerie and sexy clothing - is this a gift for us or for the men in our life. I  personally think it's a win win but that's just me. I think it's important to keep the torch lit whether you just met or if you have been married for twenty years.  Clearly life takes on the realities of stressors however do not lose sight of the importance of the law of attraction and the rush of excitement.  

I commend the man who was buying sexy things for Christmas. He made me smile and Im quite sure whoever the recipient is of his gifts will be smiling as well. All I want for Christmas is sexy pajamas- just in case anyone might be wondering. xo

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