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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Man's Job

Im not saying that lugging a six foot tree into our family room is a man's job however I could have used a hand yesterday.  As I fought with the branches and scratched my arms I thought of my ex husband. He used to delight in this event. He loved to decorate the trees and string up the lighting around our home.  This was "his" job and I was happy to give it to him.  It's  not that I don't enjoy decorating, he simply enjoyed it more than I and why deprive him of his fun.

Needless to say, this has been my job now for the past five years. Yesterday when the lights from last year didn't work, I had to run out in my pink Juicy sweats and zebra flip-flops to finish the job. I was at the Rite Aid in Monroe, praying that I wouldn't run into anyone from Easton. Mission accomplished, I escaped with only a few strange stares from strangers- whatever.
  All of this made me think of the everything that Im now solely responsible for as a single parent with an ex living in California. Overall the distance simplifies my life, but yesterday I admit to feeling sorry for myself. It was momentary and fleeting but I did feel it and it saddened me ever so slightly.

This morning I shared this fleeting sentiment with my friend Stephen. He quickly put the fire out on my pity-party as he views me in the highest of regard. He admires my strength as a single mother and sees me as a  talented young woman with a wonderful handle on life and it's challenges. Thank you Stephen for not allowing me to get down. At times, we simply need one person from the outside to say a few words to set us straight.

 I won't lie, I miss decorating for Christmas as a team and part of married couple. There are few aspects of marriage that I miss but clearly this one strikes a cord in me.  This is  not what I had in mind as I often say.

As I write this I am now over it, the thoughts passed and Im proud that I accomplished all that needed to be done by myself. The tree looks beautiful and my children are well and very happy. Our home looks festive and celebratory.  At the moment,  everyone is healthy and we are more blessed than many people in the world around us.

The important thing is to never lose sight on all the happiness of the moment. Do not dwell in past as it's over nor fret of the future - we do not know what is in store for us.

Relish the moment, the happiness of today may be something you long to have back tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend. xo

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