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Monday, November 21, 2011

Bad Bad Bad Day

I usually approach my day with optimisim and happiness but today was not a good day.  Well, there were some good things that happened but I just happen to be in a very bad mood. I'd rather not say what provoked it but the IT part  really annoyed me. When your day starts out on a negative note, first thing- it is very challenging to continue upward. I wish I could share with you the inside scoop but Im very good about protecting the privacy of those around me and shall continue to do so. Let's just say it's a family issue and leave it at that.

It's what you do with your bad mood that can make a difference. I tried to chase it away with a good laugh with my dental hygenist. She is hysterical and I had a very early appointment and she did in fact make me crack up, so that was fun but it was fleeting. I then thought about buying myself to make me feel better but I don't like to shop when Im in a bad mood. Friends always make me happy except I become introverted if I have a case of the blues. What's a girl to do when she is in a bad mood?

I have been told that the best thing to do with a bad mood is to simply let it  happen. It's just so out of character for me and I tend to easily let go of things rather them let them stew inside. I have been told that Im too forgiving at times,  however it is easier for me to let go of anger and in fact preferable than to hold on to that emotion. It serves very little purpose except to agitate further. Let go and move forward is my typical approach but this has been a challenge for me to let go of.

I continued on my day of errands and volunteer obligations and decided to get into my snuggly LOVE PINK sweats when I arrived home.
I poured myself a big glass of wine and hung out with my children and actually started to feel my mood improving and then the worst thing happened. I was sitting across from my Mother at the kitchen table working on my computer when I heard her jump. She spilled a very large glass of iced tea and it was headed right toward my new Macbook Pro. I quickly leaped up but it was too late.

My computer is now disassembled and drying out in a tin of white rice. Guess what- - Bad mood is back in full swing. I can't fight it but Im incredibly relieved that this day is almost behind me. It started out on a bad note and finished on a horrendous note. I give in- I guess my bad mood was meant to be- Im certain of that as the conclusion guaranteed it... there's always tommorrow for dreams to come true.. until then I remain happily grumpy! xo

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