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Monday, November 21, 2011

NYC- Im leaving today

As my Leopard heels hit the streets of Manhattan this weekend I have to say that I was in absolute heaven. The rush of people mixed with the diversity of life and the flagship stores of every great retailer ignite my sense of excitement. I love people watching in New York, I could sit for hours watching people headed in all directions.

Our dinner reservation was for ten thirty and we left the most wonderful restaurant just shy of one am. There were still plenty of people dining as we departed,  both young and old and that is what I really love about city living.  One can indulge in anything at anytime and you won't be alone.  I have always enjoyed late night dining and definitely dine in this area as late as possible but the options are few.  In cities, life is moving 24-7 which coincides beautifully with my personality. Ready to go- just say the word and I shall be ready.

We walked for hours until we could walk no more. I didn't buy very much but rather delighted in all that was calling my name. I was happy with my restraint as I need very little and found the allure satisfaction enough. There were so many foreigners taking in the sights along with young children. I love watching the kids that grow up in the city as they maneuver the streets with their scooters, skateboards and ripsticks. They are confident as they traverse the streets and the crowds at such tender ages.  Their ambition is impressive and I imagine how different life must be growing up in the streets of the city.

It's always hard for me to leave as I dream of living in one of those high-rises that overlook Central Park. The buildings with the doormen that are formally dressed and ready to lend a hand. I dream of one day walking out my door and just walking everywhere without the need for getting in a car.  I lust for the lack of property and the purring beauty that I find in the backdrop of the city.  I long for the diversity and culture that a city continually offers.   Most of all I desire the stimulation that it provides at any given moment no matter the time of day.

 Start spreading the news- Im leaving today- okay well not today  more like in fifteen years providing it makes sense,  but at least I have a plan and a dream that is alive and well…. xo

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