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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baby Come Back

My children are back home and my life is back to normal. Amen Amen

I enjoyed the freedom of having my house to myself to write and to think without interruption. I enjoyed going out shopping or to New York with friends and not thinking about whether or not the sitter has to get home. I actually enjoyed being slightly messy which came as a surprise to me. Im a very orderly person and teach the importance of this to Christopher and Giavanna daily.  I guess I needed a break from being the role model for my children.  It was good while it lasted but Im thrilled that it is over.

The bond I have with my children is like no other.
Christopher's birthday was yesterday so his homecoming was even more meaningful to me.  He wanted to spend his birthday home with his family, this sentiment was clearly expressed more than once. My children had a nice visit with their father however  they were out of their element. This was the first time that they have been out to visit California without me.  We drove to the airport and met their dad at JFK, he flew them to California and then back again to New York.
I would not have it any other way.
Im grateful that I have a long-distance divorce. It is a gift from heaven as my ex husband and I see life through very different lenses. They could no be more opposite. This intensifies with time so our interaction is more often less than enjoyable. We are simply water and oil and the frustration that we have with our differences is alive and well.  Distance is a friend to us.

Ironically, my house is neater now that my children are home.
Interesting- I guess I was rebelling ever so slightly and one day- I didn't make my bed heaven forbid!

Don't tell them that as I have to preserve my orderly and uptight persona and this would not bode well for me. Actually, Christopher is naturally orderly, it's Giavanna who tends to fling things in many different directions. She is more creative if you will,  and we must celebrate the differences that make are children who they are.
I love them both the same.  I realized this week that they bring a depth to my life that can not be filled by anyone of anything else.  I enjoy nurturing them and tending to their every need, desire and complaint.  I like fixing their problems, teaching them how to peacefully navigate difficulty,  and I truly enjoy having a kitchen and house filled with their friends.  I have always been emphatic about the nurturing of people in our lives who we love.
They have learned from me the value and importance of great friends. They cherish each of them and can not wait to regroup.  No different from myself- friendship is one of the most important elements in my life.

My schedule is more rushed, I have more groceries to buy and more bickering to tend with but my heart is happy.  My soul is nourished when my children are home and content. I will gladly take the challenges, aggravation and difficulty of raising two children on my own. The love that I feel for them and they for me is like no other.
Take time to enjoy your children, time passes quickly and one day you will long for them as you sit in your quiet and orderly home.  If you don't appreciate them today- send them across the country for ten days and then get back to me.  Have a nice day xo

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