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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last night

I woke up this morning in Giavanna's bed. While I find that extremely endearing - Im quite sure it is riddled with many layers of pychological meanning. She has my bedroom set that I used throughout my childhood and I loved it. My father used to read to me everynight and put me to sleep.  My mother of course maintained the furniture in  meticulous condition so when I gave it to Giavanna two years ago I was thrilled to have it in her room.

I had a wonderful day yesterday as I had two great friends over for lunch. We luxuriated in great cheeses, olives and other delightful appetizers. We were also enjoying mojitos- perhaps too much but what are good friends for if not to delight in the pleasures of life with. It was a very enjoyable day followed by a an even enjoyable evening.
I ended up falling asleep on my sofa and woke up at 2:00 am.

When I awoke I decided to go upstairs and I walked into my bedroom. I didn't want to get into my bed, I then walked into Christopher's room and looked at his bed-my cat Donatella was sleeping on his bed per usual.  I then proceeded to walk into my guest bedroom which is a peaceful oasis complete with brown zebra stripped bedding. It's an exotic yet extremely comfortable and calm room. I walked out and wasn't quite sure what I was looking for until I walked into Giavanna's room. Ah... that's what I want- my childhood bed. I quickly climbed into her bed and slept ever so peacefully. Im starring in my own Golilocks And The Three Bears story. Instead of porridge however, Im searching for the best bottle of Chardonnay.

As I reflect back on my choice for sleeping last night, I find it many things. First I think it is cute. Clearly I miss my children and the nighttime ritual that I have with Giavanna. We do pillow talk everynight and she likes to use my cell phone to text her father goodnight. It's fun and I love her enthusiasm. We giggle and talk about funny things as well as things that may bother her during the course of the day. Christopher and I have also have a serious chat prior to bedtime. We discuss the day and give thanks for all that we have.
Darn it- I miss those bunnies. Im happy to have this down time as Im extremely productive but the time that I spend with my children is irreplaceable.

I had plans tonight that I did not follow through with. I wanted to hop on a train and meet up with some friends in New York City but changed my mind and stayed home.  Time away from children is essential as it makes you appreciate all the goodness that permeates from their soul. While it is often challenging to tend to the constant demands of young people- the gift that they provide in return is the most valuable. It costs nothing and yet fills your soul with a contentment and peace that is irreplaceable.

Christopher and Giavanna- get back home. I miss your laughter which feeds my spirit and I love you with all of my heart and soul. xo

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