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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day One- Home Alone

No Children Served
Day One

Im alone and Im loving it. I have not been alone in almost eleven years. I mean truly alone- without worrying about the well-being of my children. The only time this can happen is when they are with their Father as I know they are safe and loved up to my standard.  Babysitters are great but nothing can replace the love of a parent. My children are settled in California and on their way to see Serena Williams play tennis tonight at Stanford University. How wonderful for them and how wonderful for me.

My day started out with a slight headache as caused by a glass too much of the fine water. The excitement of being on with Mike over at WICC coupled with a bit of agita knowing that I would have to say goodbye to my children-was a bit much mentally  . My day ended happily with a few glasses of Planeta Chardannay and a and a date to Ciprianis next week with my best friend Paola. It was a very peaceful ending to a highly stressful day and I have many fun things to look forward to.

This morning as I luxuriated in my solitude I looked at my organizer and panicked. I had to meet the window guys at my Mother's new house at 8 am and it was 7:40 - yipes. I ran upstairs and threw on my jeans and took off. After that I stopped in to say hello to my hairdresser. I had no makeup on and messy hair, he didn't seem to mind and we chatted for a while. Then he told me to sit down and he started doing his magic on my hair. A half hour later, I looked like I was ready to go to a party. Thank you my friend for always making time for me on a whim and for my diet coke. You are a gentleman as well as a talented hairdresser.

My cell phone died which added to the solitude of the remainder of my day. I had my hair done, a 90 minute massage and a shopping spree complete with  a new white watch and the gold B Makowsky pocketbook that had captured my heart a few weeks ago. I feel peaceful and calm and rejuvenated- already.

 I certainly miss my children but Im not thinking about them. Im actually thinking about myself and how many ways I can indulge myself within reason during the next nine days. I thought I would take off somewhere - but honestly the solitude in my house right now is nothing short of Delicioso.
 I can concentrate and I don't have to cook and clean up messes. I can watch whatever I want and listen to classic rock and classical music. I have freedom and ease of life and it's all about me me me.. this is a first truly in eleven years.

As parents we give up our freedom in exchange for the most meaningful and marvelous connection that you can possibly have. The gift of children is one that I am forever grateful for. I have a boy and a girl- perfection to me. I  love them with my heart and soul and I would die for them. Im happy to give up my freedom to raise fine human being who are loving and intelligent and mindful of those around them. It takes all of your time and energy if you want to mold them in whichever manner that may be. I personally put education and manners first and then focus on culture, religion, spirituality appreciation, goodwill  and gratitude. I want them to be well-rounded and aware of the upset in the world around us. They need to  know that they are fortunate and they need to learn how to help others who are not so fortunate.  Christopher and Giavanna are aware that they are born into good fortune. They could be the same children born into a world of poverty and hunger. It's merely good luck. I believe this continual message will mold my children into compassionate adults. I see it already with Christopher's Racquet.

Christopher has already made a penpal with a young boy in a poor slum in Kenya. They have things in common. A love of tennis, bubblegum and a desire to learn about different cultures. I find it fantastic that my son is interested in others and wants to make them smile. He wants to be a doctor just like my father. My Giavanna loves animals and enjoys making people laugh and smile. She has a strong personality and I think she would make a fabulous lawyer. I spend as much time as I can with my children. I see my influence on them and for that I am grateful.

Okay- darn it- now I miss them. It's good for us to miss them. I know that they are the most important aspect of my life and they have that same knowledge. I love you my bunnies-  come home soon but not before I get a few more massages. xo

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