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Friday, December 30, 2011

It's A New Year My Friends

Out with the old in the with the new. Tomorrow is the day in which each of us gears up for self improvement and reflection. We start out with the stern proclamations of what we will give up, start up or let go of. It typically lasts for two weeks and then everyone is back to their old habits.
I think there should be a new day on the calendar. It should be called New Year's Resolution's Revisited and I think it should fall in right around Valentine's day. We should at least be held someone accountable for all the changes that we claim we are going to make, otherwise they fade away rather quickly.

It could be yet another Hallmark Holiday. Wouldn't it be nice to get a card that reads- Greetings -how is your diet coming along or hey- are you still with that annoying girlfriend who is not treating you well.. just checking. Actually, that might be in fact a prescription for friendships to end so be careful with your words.

None of us want to be reminded of all the things that we say we are going to change yet do not.  The desire is there but fortitude to follow through is perhaps lacking.  This year, I will make the sincerest effort to stick to all of my resolutions once I decide what they are. Im going to write them down on the calendar and pick a day in February to check in to see if my words match my actions. I think I will make my children do this as well. Otherwise, it's all just chatter and what's the point if the effort isn't even made to better ourselves.

Unfortunately we pick the hardest things to do. What if a resolution was to be nicer to people or not to gossip or something along those lines. Easy habits that help contribute to a kinder world and much simpler than not spending money or losing thirty pounds. Those things would actually improve the world around us and pass on a wonderful message to our children.

Perhaps if our resolutions were about how we treat others as opposed to us giving something up or attempting some ridiculous new challenge, perhaps then in February we would all be on track.  What if we all helped out an elderly person or smiled at someone we didn't care for. Kindness and Compassion are two things the world certainly needs more of.  Im definitely capable of those two things and will add them to my list of resolutions. Some I will achieve, some will remain good ideas and others will  fade away all by the end of January.

The New Year gives us all a chance to start over. What we make of it is up to each of us but I still think my February check in in a good idea. I wish all of you a Healthy, Safe, Joyful and extremely prosperous New Year. Try to shed the unhealthy things that do not add value to your life, whether it's people or habits- the time has arrived and we are all capable. xo

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