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Friday, November 11, 2011

Get Me Out Please!

I decided to stay home all day today to write and it's now four fifteen.  Im going out of my mind because I have not seen a single person all day since my kids left for school this morning.  Dear God- it's Me Michelle… is anyone out there. Clearly I was not cut out for solitude.

Living in the woods with no neighbors is definitely not my idea of comforting.  I like people thus the quietude around me is slightly disturbing. I enjoy the animals that share my property but lost interest after I found a dead mouse in my garage. I had to make sure rigamortis set in before I dare picked him up with a plastic bag. Another joy of living in the forest.

Im not a homebody and while I thrive in my role as a domestic diva, I can't wait to click on my heels and go out where there is life around me. On any given day Im typically overdressed so Im always ready to go.
In the summertime it gets worse for me as I think that on every sunny afternoon, everyone must be at the beach having a barbecue. When daylight savings ends it gets worse.
My sensibility goes out the window and I convince myself that Im missing out on  something. Im not sure why Im like this.  I just feel that if the sun is shining, there must be a party going on somewhere and Im missing out on the fun.

I also feel this way on Thursday nights, again I feel like the entire world is out doing something fun. Staying home on a Thursday night is never a good thing for me.  I went out last night thus Im home tonight and it feels very disturbing. I suspect this is because in my former life of living in the city, this was the beginning night of the weekend. vIt was okay to stay home Friday night but Thursday night was a must.

If Im not out by 11:00 am on Sunday, then surely Im missing some big brunch party. Clearly everyone goes to church and socializes and then goes out to Brunch- every single sunday- right?
Good thing most of my girlfriends are Jewish but then that means Im missing a big party at Temple. See I can't win.

My Mother has been staying with us for awhile so she has observed this aspect of my personality and finds it uninteresting.
" Im not like that so I don't know where you get that from, it's ridiculous." Thank you Mom for your input, very helpful indeed.
I know that my Father loved to socialize and was always the first one ready for a celebration. I think I know where I got it from and Im thankful that I have inherited his love of people and parties.  So as the Holidays approach one can imagine that my thought process intensifies. Im just going to assume as I typically do that everyone is out every night for the entire month of December.

God help me if I don't have a plan for New Years Eve- I assure you that has never happened! xo

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