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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weddings and hope

The past few days have been extremely remarkable to me. As many of you know,  I attended a family wedding- my cousin remarried to a wonderful man and the entire day was glorious. Everyone was so happy and it was refreshing to attend a wedding since the last time I had family gathering it for my uncle's funeral.
I love weddings even more so as I get older.  They represent hope and optimism to me as well as the affirmation that love can be found and nourished at any age.   The priest at the ceremony referred to Marguerite and Sam as a beacon of light, he suggested that their exuberance and love for each other reflect the reality that we can all have love in our life- should we so desire.  
He encouraged those who were married to reignite the flame and for those of us who are not married- the overwhelming message was to be open to love and be receptive to the reality that the opportunity will be there for each one of us.

I paid special attention to the way in which Marguerite and Sam basked in each other's presence. Their affection and love for each other was more than evident as their vows were exchanged.  It was a very special wedding and I was so thrilled to have had the opportunity to be present. I love all of my cousins and truly enjoy seeing them and celebrating with them. It is clear to me that I need to be more proactive in getting together with all of them.  

We are not perfect, but we do get second chances. As a divorced person, it is delightful for me to see a woman in her fifties with two grown children have that opportunity.  Clearly it gives me hope that happily ever after can in fact exist and that love has no age limits.  Thank you Marguerite and Sam for including us- it was a day that I will certainly remember and cherish. xo

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