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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Beauty of High School Reunions

Holy cow- I just realized that my 25th High School reunion is this weekend. Im looking forward to it as I think it will be terrific to see faces that I have not seen in so many years. I know that people tend to panic about reunions, they begin to starve themselves before and start weight watchers for the occasion.  The competition begins- who looks the best- who is the thinnest - who has the most successful children- who has a thriving career- and the list goes on and on and on.

Im happy to say that I have zero pressure as I think about attending mine. Those days of wondering how I compare to others disappeared my sophomore year in High School. Im grateful that I have never really compared myself or my life to others. Im not quite sure why other than the fact that Im a confident person. I celebrate the success, beauty, intelligence and happiness of others.
Jealously is not an emotion that passes through me too often.  I can deal with anything that comes my way… I never desire anyone else's lot in life. While people often paint a pretty picture of their life the struggles are often concealed. One never knows what demons a person struggles with. The evil I don't know is the evil that I do not want.  The woman who appears to be perfect may go home to a husband who abuses her. The woman at the gym who has a perfect body may be fighting cancer in the near future. The woman driving the brand new Jaguar may get hit by a drunk driver and be paralyzed tomorrow.  I teach my children not to envy anyone. I encourage them to focus on being the best they can be for themselves.
Do I desire certain things for myself and my family- of course I do but that has zero to do with anyone else.

I celebrate the success and accomplishments of my friends and strangers. Im happy if my friend looks beautiful and Im generous with compliments. A true friend is not jealous or envious.
We live in such a completive environment here in Connecticut - 

 People seem to be extremely concerned with keeping up with their neighbors. I see it everywhere, I see the nosiness of people concerned with other's struggles and job situations. We all know that it is tough time out there for many people. This is not a conversation you will hear too often around Fairfield County.

This weekend should be interesting as I see old friends and acquaintances. Im sure everyone will be dressed beautifully and looking stellar. Im sure that everyone has straight A students who thrive in every possible extracurricular activity. Im sure everyone has the perfect husband who delights them in life, in bed and brings them surprise Louis Vuitton bags for every new season.

Im also sure that I wouldn't trade my life for anyone I run into this weekend. Not even for a new LV bag every few months- no matter how tempting xo

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Anonymous said...

I too will be there with you Michelle just happy to see as many of the women we went to school with that are still with us and happy and appreciative of that fact. i have freinds that have also attended their SILVER only to find out that members have already passed way before their prime. I dont envy,I celebrate all of our accomplishments,goals ,hopes and dreasm..besides as LH ALUMNAE LADIES we are all accomplished! hugs besafe in travels too and from see you there!!!!!!!