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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Are You Wearing?

What are you wearing?  Gentleman, I truly hate to burst your bubble but if you are on the phone or chatting over the computer with a woman that you want to be with- spare her. The "What Are You Wearing question is a turnoff. Yes, at times you will hear that we are indeed just hanging out with our silk boxers and high heels and double pearls dangling around our bare breasts…. but overall - this is NOT a turn on for women.

My friends and I were having lunch yesterday. A group of very different, beautiful and intelligent fun woman. We were laughing so hard about the fact that they are all often asked this very question. It doesn't just come from any type of man but rather most of them. Yes, we understand that men claim that they are visual and I know this is a newsflash- so are women. We want to see strappingly handsome men in beautiful clothing just as much as men want gorgeous women in skimpy

  Men and Women are very different in many respects but alarmingly the same in others. We are just wiser in what we divulge to to the world.
We don't have the need to prove our "womanliness"- never an issue. We would prefer the "real thing"rather than some silly conversation over the phone about what we are wearing. The feeling of intimacy is much greater in person and if we are going to entertain a man over the phone, Im quite sure most women have an front of them to spare them from the annoying conversation.
 If we enjoyed phone sex, Im quite sure all of us would be doing it as a side business as I do believe unfortunately that it could very well be lucrative.

I love men and enjoy many facets of the differences that we share. I listen to countless relationship issues of all types and partake in many conversations with woman who are disappointed and struggling in their marriages and other relationships.
 I listen to men as well and their complaints.  I think the number one complaint of men is that the women in their life do not appreciate them. Ladies, if you hear this statement  from your husband I suggest you address it very quickly. I do believe that it is the main reason that men stray. I don't believe it is for hot sex, while that too may be enjoyable- it is much deeper than that.
Men want to be adored and appreciated and acknowledged. Women want to feel loved and cherished. We all have different needs yet many are extremely overlapped.

If only we could all be forthright and communicate honestly.  I think relationships would perhaps be more successful.   I certainly expressed myself in my marriage and I still didn't get what I wanted.  If a person is incapable of satisfying want you desire, this also needs to be taken into consideration.

Your partner might be doing the very best that they can. They may already be giving you the most that they can. It's up to you to decide whether you want to adjust your expectations.  People do not change, they grow and they bend but they do not change. If it is the beginning of your relationship, you are seeing the very best so if you are not happy to begin with… you better move on or you will be very disappointed.

The rate of divorce continues along steadily.. if only there were an extended guarantee that comes with marriage… it comes with everything else. I can't thing of anything else that needs more of a guarantee.. xo

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