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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I go to bed every night no earlier than 12:30, there is no reason on god's green earth why I should be wide awake and ready to go at 4:00 am.
Apparently my cat, Donatella and I share the same circadium rhythm. Wonderful, my cat is great company and gives me hope that I am not alone in the "forest". If only she could have a conversation with me so I could tell her the big news about Arnold. A love child with his house staff otherwise known as a cleaning lady... oh well who cares about celebrity gossip, however I must add that I have always liked Maria and find her not only intelligent but stunningly beautiful in a big square jaw kind of way. Whatever....back to the city-country issue.
All of this brings me to another reason why I miss living in my high-rise. First off, no matter what time of night it was, the lights of the city made me feel that other people were awake at strange hours. In the worst case scenario I could always go hang out in the lobby and chat it up with the doorman. That was always a treat...hearing about how Herb rode his bike to work from the suburbs of Boston as he had no car and five kids. We really had alot in common! In fact, it seemed like everyone was up at 4:00 am. I could hear the beautiful sound of traffic, the T which is the subway line and once in awhile people having a good time. I could even walk around the corner and find things open. I often did my laundry in the middle of the night as the lights were on everywhere. It was lovely, I never had to wait for a dryer at 3 am. I loved all of this despite the fact that I grew up in a quiet suburb.
I must have lived in a very busy city in my previous life. The only sound I hear now is Donatella meowing for cat treats, grr... can't I at least be alone since I am wide awake. Which brings me to another thought. I really wish that every store was open 24 hours. I would have all my grocery shopping done and errands finished by 5:15 am. Wouldn't it be nice to get my nails done at three in the morning. I don't really need much sleep, think of all that I could accomplish. I would love that. Instead I putz around in the middle of the night. I typically pick up some sort of reading material and then Im really awake. I wish I could go get a brazilian blowout at the very least. Which I have recently read is horrible for your hair, oh no!!! Even with that I go to bed with straight hair and I wake up with curly hair, what the heck. My kids laugh at my hair which is not very comforting. Giavanna often asks me why her hair is so straight and mine is so fuzzy wuzzy. That's a story for another day- hair a whole other topic all of it's own and a funny one at that.

IS ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE? Perhaps, I should start a club for women with insomnia but all my friends like to sleep so I can imagine who would be joining me. Perhaps I can make a whole other set of nighttime friends- any takers? I didn't think so. The noises that come from the woods are downright alarming. I often hear turkeys, strange creatures making strange howling noises and other bizarre sounds that I can't identify. Apparently the animals enjoy the darkness but clearly not for sleeping. What the heck lives in the woods behind my house. It's like the animals are holding a town meeting and who ever doesn't vote YES gets eaten, slowly. Great and I have to listen to it. It's all bad for me and Im thankful that my children can sleep through the scary sounds of the night. Perhaps I should start night photography and I can do the Easton version of animal planet hmmm not a bad idea....I can put up the hidden cameras and find out what's really going on in Wild Kingdom. Perhaps there is even money to be made... maybe not.

It's so dark outside. How did I go from bright lights, small city to pure darkness, no street lights and no town. It makes me laugh. Indeed very peaceful but apparently my body yearns for the noise and hustle of life around me. There is plenty of life around me we just don't speak the same language even though Chuckles, my pet chipmunk, does appear to understand me. I never thought I would have such a lovely connection with animals, who knew.

I have never taken great pleasure in the whole process of going to sleep, while there are occasions where it is wonderful to fall into a deep slumber- most nights I am forcing myself to go to bed. I just want the next day to come so I can get moving. Who can I call- there has to be at least one woman out there who is wide awake right now. I guess I have to wait until six am so I can call one of my BFF's who is happy to chat in the early am hours. I just wish she were up at five.


kiraly said...

Up at 4:30 a.m. BECAUSE of my cat! Keep writing I'll keep reading :)

The World of My Mind's Eye Photography said...

Welcome Back!

Ms. Bravo said...

Hey Mike- Thank you so much :)