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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Shoes, glorious shoes- a take off from the FCDS hit production of the play Oliver- Food, glorious food. Over twenty five years later and Im still humming show tunes in my head thanks to my brothers.  Those Fairfield country day boys know how to put on a great production but did I have to go every night, to every show- every single year. The answer is in fact YES- I did need to and it was fun. Thank you Mom and Dad for making me support my brothers every night, at every show- every single year. So what if the music from The Music Man, Fiddler On The Roof and Oliver continue haunt my day. I do enjoy a show tune.

My friend Buffy and I were on the phone last night and she recalled a night when we lived in Boston. It was Saturday night and we were thrilled to head out on the town. We went to a very trendy and hip place called Trattoria Il Pannino. It had a lovely Italian Restaurant on the first floor, with a jazz club on the second floor and a nightclub with pumping music on the third floor. As we made our way between floors, we had to master a very narrow and steep spiral set of stairs. As I was walking I twisted my leg and somehow almost fell. As if that was not bad enough my high heel actually broke off. So now Im horrified as Im standing in the staircase with heel in hand wondering how to get out - fast. Then my worst nightmare occurs, my  friend Buffy who knows everyone in Boston, runs into her camp counselor from FIFTH grade. They have to catch up as it's been so long. I stand with one foot arched with my heel in my pocketbook. I could not wait to get back to Longfellow Place. We still laugh hysterically recalling that night.

I think I may have a "shoe issue" but I was not aware of it as I was raised by a beautiful woman who also may have had and continues to have a "shoe issue". I have to admit that I have scaled back but those who have had the great pleasure of viewing my closet would be laughing at that very statement. I know potential buyers of my home do a double take when the doors to my closet open- right Melissa -Kelly can you vouch for that one!
I love shoes, all types and all colors well not all types- they have to have a heel and I don't really dig sneakers.
My Mother used to drag me to Miltons shoe store on Black Rock Turnpike, formally located where Party city is. I hated that trip as it was always to purchase either brand new black shiny Mary Jane shoes or even worse, the ugliest shoe on earth the dreaded WALABEE- gasp. In high school I had the exciting choice of a chunky navy and white saddle shoe or the penny loafer. I alternated just to shake things up.
It's not difficult for me to understand my desire to have a variety of shoe options. It makes my life more enjoyable and Im happy that something so simple can bring such delight... as long as I can have a pair in every color.

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bsheff said...

You forgot to mention the boxes of shoes under your bed! I remember that night so well, just like yesterday. . . .