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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Monday

Anyone who drives by my house in the morning and doesn't know me must think I am a little bit nutty. My bus stop outfit is typically a strange hodgepodge of half pajama / half last night's outfit typically topped off with my sparkly 3 inch flip flops in either hot pink, gold or silver with black trim. Yes indeed I look like I perhaps wondered off from a mental institution but at least I have a smile on my face. I can only imagine the variety of outfits that the bus driver has the pleasure of seeing every morning as Mothers make a mad dash for the bus. It's pretty funny and I can tell I must look strange as I feel like all the kids are staring at me as my children board the bus. It almost - but not really- makes me glad that each house is a bus stop which is due to the fact that we live in what my city friends refer to as "the forest". That always cracks me up.
Which brings me to the question- how in the world did a city girl that likes glamour, culture and action end up living solo with 2 kids and a cat on almost 4 acres. Yes, indeed it is a beautiful, charming and gorgeous place to live. I have no desire to leave Fairfield County for more than one reason, however there has to be a happy medium. I never dreamed that I would be capable of naming a chipmunk (chuckles) and having him come as I call his name every morning at the bus stop. He even followed me half way up my driveway- perhaps he is attracted to my sparkly flip flops. That scared me a little- I am one with nature as long as it's at the END of my driveway. Along with him I have a variety of other creatures to include black snakes, foxes, deer and a family of four groundhogs that live under my shed. Clearly I live in Wild Kingdom, good thing I like a nice animal print. So if you see me wearing a unique outfit and talking to a chipmunk- I assure you that I am not crazy, I simply have adapted to my environment.
Back to how I ended up here- I would have to thank my ex husband for this as he enjoyed living in seclusion after spending each day in the exciting radio industry. His day was filled with meeting famous people such as Mariah Carey, Sean Combs, Ricky Martin, Cher .. you get the picture. So of course he was happy to retreat to the wilderness. I too would welcome a quiet night after a day of hopnopping with celebrities followed by lunch in NYC. He had to be in Jersey City by four am so he used to leave in the middle of the night. His bedtime was between 7:30 - 8:00 pm- mine was between 12:30- 1:15- thus the beginning of the end or should I say the beginning of another adventure.He is now living in a vibrant suburb of San Fran while I remain in the forest with my kids and cat. Sounds like Im living my worst nightmare but thankfully it is actually pretty cool. I have enjoyed the challenge and have managed to raise very intelligent, sweet, well adjusted happy kids- so far so good. I have learned more about water filtration systems, wells, septic systems, directv, mulch and much much more. I have planted over 100 plants and trees on my property. So what if I did it in my sparkly flip flops and urban decay lipgloss. I did a pretty darn good job for a girl who had been living in a high rise with a doorman since she was nineteen.

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I'm trying again to be a follower. I think I did it this time..