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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Aging Eyeball

As I approached my fortieth birthday two years ago I did not have the same sense of dread that many of my friends were experiencing. It was an enjoyable birthday no different from turning thirty eight with the exception of the many cards mocking my descend into the golden years. People also loved to say "so how does it feel to be turning the big 40"?  I often replied that it felt great.  I had two beautiful children, I had survived a divorce and many other great transitions that were extremely challenging. I was handling the unexpected twists and turns of life that were unanticipated and difficult. I was gracefully moving forward.
What was supposed to happen on my fortieth birthday- would my hair turn grey and thin, perhaps I would wake up with brown spots all over my hands, or worse- the crow's would be stamping their feet all around my eyes. I started to take notice of women who were in their forties. Many of them looked great and seemed rather content. If they cared about the way they looked when they were twenty, ditto for thirty, forty and I suspect will be that way for the remainder of their lives. I simply didn't see anything that I should fear.

Aging has never freaked me out as it does to many women. I think it is perhaps because I have had the good fortune of many relatives that have lived to be in their upper nineties. In fact, I have two aunts that live together and they are in their nineties. They are savvy, well dressed, energetic and can discuss current events as well as anyone I know. I have watched many women age and I find their strength and courage very admirable.

Do I wish I looked like I did in my twenties, as I write this I thought I would say yes but I  had big wild hair and thicker eyebrows and I was unrealistic. More importantly I lacked the experience that has enriched my life over the past twenty years.   I looked great for being in my twenties but I have embraced the ages and stages of life, I am thankful for that or it would be impossible to be content. We are bombarded by youthful advertising and many women have a built in fear of another birthday pending.

 I think as a whole, we need to change our thinking. Im just as vain if not more than the next person. I admit that I want to look great but Im smart enough to know that if you don't feel well internally none of it makes a difference. One of my friends is nervous as she is approaching forty-five. She looks fabulous, has a great figure and a wonderful life. I tell her to look in the mirror and rejoice, what's the problem I say- look at you.  She is programmed to view forty five as something negative. Age is what you make it.

With all of that said, I am finding that since I turned 42 I can no longer see without my little reading glasses. Ah, it finally happened!! I have always prided myself on the fact that I had perfect vision. If anything needed to be read from a distance, I was happy to step up to the plate. When a friend of mine bought me a pretty pair of readers, it was as if someone had turned the lights on in a dark room. It was like being reborn- I could see so clearly but more importantly I thought perhaps I was two years late.

Maybe when I turned forty my eyeballs started aging. I guess it's all down hill from this point on however I choose to see the positive aspect of it. I now have a new collection of funky, elegant, sophisticated, fun, sexy glasses. Move over shoe collection, something else has captured my attention.


kiraly said...

Haha!! Good for you! I find since turning 40 it is WAY more maintenance! I have to really work now. I keep thinking I am never going to sleep once I'm will be all working out, cooking healthy and grooming!!

Ms. Bravo said...

Kiraly- your'e beautiful- silly girl