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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fridays, Friends and Cosmos

Friendship is a high priority to me. I love all of my friends near or far, crazy or sane, troubled or content- whatever the deal is I always put effort into nurturing my relationships.
It was wonderful this past Friday night to be in the company of some of my best friends and other terrific women. We had dinner at Barcelona and afterwards congregated in the bar area with thirty or so other local ladies. It was great and everyone was in good spirits despite the threat of the world blowing up. I guess we all figured that drinking cosmos with our friends wouldn't be the worst way to exit.
We were about to leave when one of my best friends- I won't mention any names- says the following to me. "Michelle, I have known you for years and I have seen you in many social settings and you definitely do better with men.". The comment immediately made me chuckle and she said this in a lighthearted and cute manner. This woman has seen me through the best of times and the worst of times. I consider her a gift to me and I truly cherish my friendship with her.
My first response was - well I like boys, as I said grinning which was followed by a reminder that I grew up in a family of boys and I was the youngest girl. When I got home that night I started giving thought to her comment. I have always had a large pool of female friends, however I also have maintained many male friendships as well. I'm still friends with at least four of my former boyfriends and still in very close touch with the men that I worked with at Straumann. I'm close with my brothers, my male cousins and many other wonderful men who have colored my life.
With all of that in mind I still reflected upon her comment. I have always been an outgoing and compassionate person. Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I will engage in friendly conversation fairly quickly unless you have wronged me. Hey I'm Italian and while I'm extremely forgiving-I will never forget.
I then began to ponder the idea that perhaps it was not my behavior that was different but rather the behavior of how the person was responding to me. Ah ha I thought wait until I tell her my theory! I'm quite sure it will provoke yet another topic to joke around about. My friendships are so fun and most of my best friends are Jewish, Middle eastern and Italian. We are all passionate, intelligent, family-oriented, energetic women sparkled with a heaping spoon of crazy. I love them all and wouldn't want it any other way.

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