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Friday, August 1, 2014

City Life

City Life

“It was never built for the comfort and happiness of its citizens, but to astonish the world.” 

The other day while I was waiting to pick up my daughter from her camp, I respectfully observed some of the women picking up their children. I was in New York City which meant that half of them were nannies and the other half most likely were stay at home Mothers. They were all very friendly and happy and I had the opportunity to speak with many of them.

 I wondered if their lives were vastly different from mine. I based this simply on location of where they are raising their children, not the manner in which they are being raised.  The obvious difference to me is the peaceful and serene life that accompanies living in three acre zoning.  The Upper East and Upper West side are certainly calm yet to engage in the activities of life, one must leave the quietude that exists there.

Women in Connecticut complain about all the driving they must do, back and forth and yet again for their children. Perhaps women in NYC complain about the subway or the bus, or all the money they spend on taxis. Same game, different method of travel. We all have similar responsibilities as parents.

The schools are certainly different, we have plenty of great pre school programs that don't cost 20,000 dollars a year, but we also do not have the diversity that city children experience.  City mothers have access to culture every day of the year. They don't have to drive to a museum or art exhibit, there are expressions of unique culture all around the city, daily.

I have a feeling that motherhood is motherhood is motherhood. We are all shuffling around our children, we all want them to be attending great schools, and we all feel the stress of our families. I can't help think that the backdrop of noise however adds to that stress. It certainly would for me, and for my children who are incredibly content with a quiet environment. Yet again the backdrop of house maintenance and landscaping also provide their share of stress.

Each day this past week as I raced out of Grand Central with Giavanna to her camp, I realized that I could never live in New York City.
Boston or Rome, absolutely, as the noise level and number of people is something that is definitely manageable. There is something so enormous and loud about New York that offers a sense of isolation, it does not appeal to me.

It's a great place for a few days but the chaos level is too much for my taste. I never had the desire to live there. After this week, any thought of that was confirmed.  I guess green acres is the place for me after all, well let's just say for say in any case. While I often do crave city life, it is easily accessible and easy to quench. I think we have the best of both worlds here in Fairfield County and for that I am grateful.

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