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Sunday, April 6, 2014

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Sex In The Suburbs

abercrombie ad
I got passion in my pants and Im not afraid to show it….Im sexy and I know it.”   LMFAO
This song that was playing in my kitchen as I made my way downstairs this morning.  My Bose radio is set to WKTU- thanks to Giavanna-  We love music in our house, so there there is frequently some variety playing in the background.  I try to turn the channel every time I hear words that are clearly suggestive of sex but it is a great challenge. The word sexy is thrown around everywhere today. Giavanna is only nine years old and sort of understands the meaning of the word. Im not a prude it’s just that it seems to me that the bombardment of sexuality in our culture is a little too much for everyone.
hollister addI took Christopher to a PG movie last month  and almost all the previews were close ups of some sexual encounter as are most commercials. Our children hardly even flinch when they see it as they are incredibly used to it. All the ads for young children are sexual, why in the world would you want your young children in revealing and tight fitting clothes.
They have their entire life to deal with all that comes with exploring sexuality. I think we need to prolong their innocence  as long as possible, nothing good can come out of a premature sexual experience. Im quite sure of that.
However, I know that the age of children getting involved sexually has changed. In my son’s health class they are discussing abstinence- he is twelve years old, they discuss std’s and pregnancy and all the downside of having sex. It all contradicts the messages that our society subjects us all to. From award shows to talk shows to reality shows- the theme is predictable. It works therefore….
How are we are supposed to shelter our children.  I think Im the only parent who doesn’t let their kids watch Glee or Family Guy. Im very mindful of what is going on under my roof, knowing that when they go to other homes, it is probably different.  As my son matures, I certainly am less rigid with his exposure to things however I do believe there is a fine line. It’s a tough balance but Im happy to stay on the conservative side of the fence. That I will certainly never regret. Interestingly,  my parents were not overly conservative with me and I am decidedly so with my own children. I feel that I need a tighter rein on them given the world we live in.
I can’t even turn on the radio without hearing about passion in someone’s pants. I think that is a rather sad commentary on the world we live in. Perhaps I have just turned into a parent who is trying to instill decency and moral value in my children despite the messaging around them.  I wonder if every generation feels this way about the expression of sexuality. Im all for sexy things and enjoying sex but not until you are mature enough to handle all that comes with it. A healthy sense of one’s sexuality is fabulous but I hardly think it can exist at such a tender age. xo

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