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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Soul Mate

“Maybe girls are our soul mates and guys are just fun to be with. ” Candace Bushnell.
I have never liked the term soul mate. In my mind, it conjures up the fantasy that there is one perfect person out there for each of us who will magically appear and satisfy one hundred percent of our needs. It sets relationships up for false expectations and ultimate failure. Now that Valentines day has wrapped up,  we vividly recall being assaulted with messages of love and adoration. We will be reminded of what we appreciate in our loving relationships or perhaps all that is lacking.
  If we have had failed relationships we will be reminded of those whom we thought were “soul mates” but turned out to be mere disappointments.
Each of our hearts has the ability to connect with more than one person in our lifetime. Should you have the desire to find someone who you can connect with on a meaningful level, you will find that. 
Life is interesting in that it provides us what we need exactly when we need it. The problem however is that we don’t recognize the teacher often when we are learning the lesson. The experiences of our life all add up to meaningful passages no matter how challenging. A failed relationship can offer tremendous insight into who and what truly lurks in your soul. If you can sit still with yourself and truly give voice to your experiences you will understand exactly where you are in this moment. It’s up to you to define what your interior truly craves.
So if you think you haven’t met your “soul mate”, it’s okay. Focus more on attracting a loving and compassionate person who will add to your life in a meaningful way. What you seek is obtainable, it is just a matter of being in tune with your true desires.
 With time and maturity comes the realization that beautiful relationships are not limited to one person. Life is interesting in that it does seem that often the right person comes into your life at the right time.
 You have the ability to attract all that you desire. You have to believe it for yourself in order for those opportunities to arrive. Be open and work on you own personal happiness so that when the right person enters your life, a healthy relationship can be explored right from day one.xo

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