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Monday, March 10, 2014

Love, Renewal, Spring

"Friends are the family you choose."

And so it goes-Spring is rounding the bend and the ending of winter brings about a sense of renewal- another time to reflect on the past months and more importantly a time to truly look inward and see if you are living a life that satisfies your soul.
On December 14, 2012,  I was having lunch with some of my dearest friends as we slowly and painfully gained knowledge of what was transpiring just miles away from our own children and community.  On that difficult day I was fortunate to have the support of great friends around me. 
The commonality and love of women who know the intimate details of my life.  It was together that we were able to process the alarming details and remain composed. I will certainly never forget that day but I will always remember that I had the gift of being surrounded by my friends at a time in which we all needed each other.
I nurture what is important to me and my friendships mean the world to me. They enrich my life, make me laugh, inspire me, challenge me and commiserate with me. As this year ends, I hold deeply the belief that I too, have been a good and caring friend. I have always taught my children the importance of truly connecting with others as well as the importance of being able to let go if it is time to do so.
I find that at various periods in life, our friendships can be vastly unique. We grow closer and at times we grow apart and then reconnect, or never reconnect.  Im always appreciative of the experience even if the friendship has not survived with time or other events such as divorce. I have personally experienced this as a result of my own divorce, and Im grateful for that weeding out process.
 I have no ill feelings as I simply think that with issues such as divorce, others may not know how to handle it. Perhaps it is a time that demands their own self-reflection and brings forth the issues in their own marriages that are not satisfactory.  It is not for me to solve but to rather accept and move forward in the fashion which I have done.
So as I hear the birds sing and see the snow melt,  I will continue to sit with myself quietly. I will review the aspects of my life that have given me great joy as well as those that have been of concern to me. I will create new goals for myself and for my children.  My list of resolutions will be crafted and written down and I will again start anew. Im ready for Spring.
Never be afraid to reinvent yourself and don’t take people in your life for granted, ever. Nurture those you love and focus your attention on what you want your life to be like, rather than focusing on what has not transpired. It is time to move forward with gusto, with hope and with peace.
 I wish you good health, happiness, prosperity and great friends who enrich your life. xo

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