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Monday, January 20, 2014

In the Midnight Hours

"Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.  ~Fran Lebowitz

The late night hours- some love their sleep while others lie awake stirring, counting, worrying or staring at the ceiling wondering why they can't doze off. Then there are people like myself who love the late night hours. I have been a creature of the night every since I moved away from home. I suspect at that time, living in a dorm among chaos and noise, simply made it impossible to sleep.

I grew up in a very quiet and peaceful home. My older brothers went to boarding school at fifteen which meant our house was without a symphony of noise.  My parents loved classical music and enjoyed reading and the arts.  The television was on for the news and the weather , never on as background noise.   Aside from music and conversation which was lively, it was an extremely calm environment. Without being aware, I was extremely accustomed and enjoyed this quiet surroundings.
It wasn't until I moved to Boston and lived in a dorm that I experienced something entirely opposite.

I disliked living in a dorm. I hated the noise, the lack of privacy and the sloppiness of my roommate. I started to simply stay up late more out of frustration than desire. My next place of residence was with three girls in a large duplex apartment. I was enticed by the beauty and location of it, thrilled to no longer have to live in the dorms until the reality settled in. Every night my roommates would invite people over at around midnight, more specifically half of the Northeastern University football team.

 I was the only one that scheduled all of my classes for early morning - my roommates slept in until   every day. My first class was at 7:40 am which included a fifteen minute walk to get there.  My bedroom was directly underneath the living room. It was a form of torture for me every night and I operated on very little sleep.  I suppose that's when the pattern began and it has stayed with me throughout my adult life.

I need four to five hours of sleep and Im happy. I often wake in the middle of those four hours and Im bustling with creativity or the desire to quickly start the day. This morning at three thirty am I had one of the most revealing conversations with a great friend of mine, via text. It was wonderful and Im quite sure that the solitude of the night and darkness created an intimacy that would not have happened in the daytime hours. I have written the most when the world around me is asleep. Many moments that I feel true inner peace occur at the same time.

I find this all a blessing.  I love the time alone, uninterrupted and enjoy the beauty of a new day on the rise. I learned to adapt and in turn have found a gift that serves me quite well. xo


Anonymous said...

SO glad to see your blogs are back! You are an amazing writer, and I truly missed reading your work!
(Added bonus is that it is comforting to know I am not the only city girl trapped in the suburbs)

xoxo Marie

Ms.Bravo said...

Thanks Marie.. you are very kind- thanks for reading.. xo