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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missing City Life

Im not going to panic about this winter- I mean why would I- it's October and we have over six inches of snow and many are without electricity… what's the big deal. Again, the storms in Easton CT, force me to miss even further my days of living in downtown Boston.
 Life in the city is so much simpler in the winter. It barely makes a difference if there is a blizzard or not as the roads are clear and many establishments remain open. No one is afraid to go out and in fact people like it.   You don't need a car to get around so the adventures of doing a three sixty are not an option nor the fun of skidding down one's driveway praying that no one is rounding the bend. All of this-  completely eliminated.

I can't recall the sounds of crackling branches or trees falling either. There were no trees near my high rise and living on the 25th floor- I didn't hear anything except the sound of the T and often cheers or noise coming from the old Boston Garden.  Since I lived near Mass General Hospital I can't forget the sounds of ambulances 24 hours a day but none of it bothered me. In fact, the backdrop of the city gave me great pleasure and the noises were ensured the normalcy of my surroundings.

My friends and I took cabs everywhere so what difference did it make. We called the doorman to fetch us a cab and off we went into the night.  After living in Boston for fifteen years and being extremely active socially, it was easy to get into the hippest restaurants and clubs as I often worked with the owners.  I did a lot of fundraiser for Children's Hospital and we held events at art galleries and hip restaurants.  Boston was an easy enough city to tackle and get in with the movers and shakers.

The movers and shakers were all out in Easton last night. By the grace of God, Halloween was not cancelled. I was happy that my kids could get out and enjoy themselves despite the fact that they were trick or treating in the snow.  They had a great time and it was nice that school was cancelled so everyone could sleep in.  Life has certainly changed in so many ways.

I have finally acclimated to life in Suburbia.  I long to one day live in a city again and anyone who knows me is well aware of that fact.  I always tell my kids that all I need is a doorman and a garbage shoot in my old age. Im not headed to Florida- my long term plan will involve a life that is enriched with culture, life and vibrancy all around me.  I like action- it is baked into my interior being and I don't foresee that ever changing. xo

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