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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bings, beeps and moves

A friend of  mine is on his way up to Boston and Im incredibly jealous. Im still homesick after all these years and will plan a trip there before Im trapped in the forest for another winter.

I have been procrastinating today and feel that modern technology is zapping a great deal of my attention.  Whoever turned me onto Words With Friends deserves to be tarred and feathered. This game brings out the competitive aspect of my personality and thus far- Im not winning.  I hear my phone deliver a little jazzy sound and I know it's my play- it's a little high for me- I can't lie.  I typically dislike games so Im not quite sure why this little number has grabbed my attention.   My kids have to beg me to play games and now that I think of it… do not ask me much these days. I guess the negativity wore them down.  I may be the only person on this universe that has never played charades and Im okay with that.

 Facebook, god help me please. I get so incredibly caught up on this that I waste many minutes chatting with friends, commenting on posts and more.
 It sucks me in and is such a total distraction and I love it. Im not the only one- obviously.  I see several of my friends who work full time on Facebook quite often, clearly they are sneaking it at work so it's not just my problem. It's clearly taking over the world one person at a time. My elder relatives are on it which I think is awesome.

Since my Mom is staying with us for a short period - Im under the microscope.  Her comments are that Im   always on my computer. The other day she  asked me why I was always looking at my phone. Don't you see Im an addict mom… geez let me indulge… don't make me go in my room to check my technology please. I don't think she understands that virtually all of the work that I do is on my computer.  Im an adult and if Im addicted to my Macbook Pro and my iPhone… let it be. At least Im not smoking anything!

My iPhone is way too much fun and darn it… there it goes again. I just heard a ping and it's calling my name. Okay, I won't look for now but Im really wondering what is calling my name. I can't be the only one with this issue as I see so many people driving and walking while glued to their phones.

I can't help wonder what the long term repercussions of this behavior will be. We are always turned on and continually stimulated. It actually sounds pretty good as I write about it but I can't help but think that it will add to the hyperactivity that is so profound in this area of the world. I can't imagine not being able to do research on my computer and the idea of not having Google at my disposal is more than disturbing.

So as I try to get back to work, I will try to ignore the pings, the requests, the comments and the temptation that lurks from all of my operating systems. Thank you god for modern technology- it makes living in the forest a little bit simpler. Is that words with friends I hear- hmmm it's my move. xo

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