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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Warning- Bad Sex for Seven years if...........

Step on a crack- you'll break your mama's back.... or don't break a mirror or you can kiss the next seven years goodbye. These are the superstitions and old wives tales that give richness, fun and commonality to all of our ethnic backgrounds. Some of us are big believers while others find them ridiculous.
If you are brought up with them they are simply ingrained into the backdrop of life.  I am one of those people with a few old Italian superstitions that have been passed down to me. Id like to share some of them with you.  Take them obviously with a grain of salt and good humor.

Never, ever toast glasses with water- this is bad luck and I cringe when I see people doing it. I say this with a smile as I don't truly believe the superstitions yet Im not taking my chances "just in case". 

Do not give the following items as gifts for the following reasons, unless of course you are looking to rid of your spouse. I know some of you indeed are so these could also count as good tips...
Shoes- your spouse will walk out on you
Bags-  your spouse will pack up and leave
Perfume- you are attracting a third party that will destroy your relationship.

I grew up seeing the Italian gold horn around the neck of my great grandmothers, grandmothers and at times my mother. You don't have to wonder if I own one as I believe my grandmother gave me this familiar amulet when I was very young.

 Italians, Greeks, Middle eastern and Jewish people all believe in the "evil eye".  We call it the Malocchio, while other groups have different names for it. The idea is all the same regardless of the different pronunciations. 
If people are jealous of you or your family they will cast the evil eye on you and bad luck is sure to follow. I will sign on to this one as I believe that jealousy is always bad karma.  This type of jewelry has become very trendy and is very easy to find in the fall catalogs. Rarities by Carol Brodie

If you find that you have fallen victim to the evil eye you are supposed to take a salt bath and pray. I can't say I have ever done that and I  find the whole thought process very mid-evil. People were definitely more superstitious back then and there are hundreds of European old wives tales.

In Germany, the believes are rampant. If you meet an old woman in the morning you will have bad luck.  If the groom buckles the brides left shoe on their wedding day, she will take control of the marriage.  
If a woman sticks a pin or needles into a curtain during the first six weeks after childbirth, her children will have bad teeth. This is just a few, trust me it goes on and on.....

My friend told me that owls were bad luck and one must always look someone in the eye if you are toasting them or you will have seven years of bad sex. That one I will absolutely remember despite my disbelief.  
If you sweep the broom over someones feet or if you sit at the corner of the table, you will never get married.  This is great one to remember for all of my commitment phobic friends and for those of us who do not have the desire to marry again.  I know my new spot at the dinner table !
The number 17 is very bad luck and according to Mona, who has a Middle Eastern background-  should you step over a person you must retrace your steps and walk back over them. This is a big one and she also has to leave my house the same door that she walked in.  Her eight year old daughter did the same thing the other day so my initial belief was proven. We learn from our parents without a doubt.

We are all brainwashed by old wives tales and superstitions. They are fun if not taken to the extreme level. I have broken more than five mirrors in my lifetime and so far, I think I have managed quite well. Thank god my life has not proved hexed, thus far.
I won't give shoes as a gift however or toast with water or put shoes on the bed.  I'd rather stay on the safe side and if luck has anything remotely to do with my good fortune,  than I shall cooperate.  In the olden days, women who had blacks cats were burned as they were considered to be witches.
 In Egypt, black cats were held in the highest of esteem and worship.  In fact the Goddess Bast was a black cat. Since my cat Donatella Versace is black Bombay cat, I will adapt my thinking to the wise Ancient Egyptians. 

If you ever run into to me on the street, youwill find some small  symbolic piece of jewelry that represents protection from Malocchio.  Of course, this is all for the "just in case" and I happen to like the new trendy amulets !   Please remember the following, if you kill a lady bug you will have bad luck and don't walk under a ladder or you are doomed - Friday the 13th is extremely unlucky.... it's a wonder any of us are still alive given all the misfortune that should be coming our way.....xo

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