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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another day in Paradise

I truly could not make up my adventures which I suppose is why I started writing in the first place. The material is flowing and effortless to share with my readers.  Yesterday in this hurricane aftermath, I was truly pushed to the limit.

Im not going to complain about the lack of power or running water- what's another day of candlelight reading and dinners out. I have learned that my grill serves many purposes besides grilling salmon.
The fact that Im warming coffee and sterilizing silverware in this fashion is beyond humorous. Let's just say Im not joining the Amish community anytime soon. The only thing I truly do not miss is the sound of the children's shows that my daughter enjoys daily.  The peaceful sound of silence in the morning is delightful.

I have learned how to flush my toilets the old fashioned way and honestly we are enjoy spending time with our friends.
Look, Im trying to stay positive despite the fact that Im living out of my car. I feel rather disorganized and there is a strange disconnect between the beautiful weather, great stores and restaurants that are open around us and the reality of the  difficulty that people are dealing with.  Fema is actually set up here offering water and supplies to people. This sort of thing I often see but never have experienced. This was confirmed by the fact that Anderson Cooper was reporting from New Jersey instead of some wild foreign place. Okay, I believe this has been a severe hurricane that had caused much destruction. Im waiting for him to come to my street, why not add to the adventure- in a wonderful way!!

 Yesterday truly tested me early in the am.  Christopher, Giavanna and I set out for a Wifi outing and ended up at McDonalds in Fairfield. Starbucks was packed so that was not an option.   Perfect, we can eat bad food and use our computers for an hour.
We set up at McDonalds and  looked like Apple Central- Christopher and I were set up with our Macbook Pros and Giavanna on her new IPAD- perfect- until I went to use my computer and discovered my battery was dead.
Even more annoying was the lack of outlets in McDonalds so I stewed for ten minutes until Oscar ( our Handyman) called and asked me if I heard about my Mother.   Panic set in immediately as he told me that she was with the fire department and paramedics outside of her home in Greenfield Hill.

I immediately began to pack up our equipment and hurried my children into the car as I felt instantly sick to my stomach. Oscar said that my Mother was okay but until I arrived at our family home and saw her with my own eyes,  I was unsettled and not happy.  As I rounded the bend to find my mother standing with five fireman and two paramedics taking her vitals I was relieved to be there.  Per usual,  my petite mother was extremely calm and yet I know internally she was very stressed out. The fireman were concerned for her well-being as the carbon monoxide that filled her house due to her generator had been at extremely high levels.  The highest level was found in her bedroom and they were unaware of how long she had been inhaling the fumes.

The fireman assisted me as I went into her home to gather her belongings.  I had five minutes and grabbed her pocketbook, cellphone and charger, three pairs of shoes,  six complete outfits, jewelry, makeup, her address book, cane and moisturizer.  I have a feeling that I would do very well if I were on that gameshow where they give you 6 minutes to grab everything that you desire.  At any rate, we followed her to the hospital and spent the morning there.  She checked out A ok but needed a nice quiet afternoon as her morning as nothing short of stressful.

Thankfully my children are so calm and helpful. I have had so many scary, difficult, challenging issues with my parents well-being over the past few years. I know that staying calm is essential in an emergency. When you are calm, it keeps everyone else calm and believe me- it really makes a difference.  So that was my day yesterday. Happy to kiss that one goodbye

In the evening, we went to my friend Melissa's house and it was wonderfully relaxing.  Im back here again as she has made her home, our home. She did not just say that, she actually makes me feel that way which is very heartwarming.

In times like this Im grateful for my family and my great friends. Im touched by the kindness and comfort that arrives when we need help the most. These gestures color my world and will never be forgotten. It is a wonderful example of friendship for my children to observe as the recipients.
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I hope that our life will return to normal in the next few days. In the short term, Im thankful for all the great things that Im fortunate to have. Things could always be worse, in fact much worse. On a positive note, I know how to flush the toilets should we ever lose power again… fantastic!

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