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Friday, August 12, 2011

Scammed and Slammed....

Only me - this could only happen to me.  I got tired of listening to Giavanna and Christopher fighting over his IPad so I came up with I thought was a grand solution. I decided that I would order Giavanna a used Ipad from ebay as she is only 8 and certainly does not need a brand new one. This would eliminate the bickering and thus add more harmony to my life.

I have only ordered one thing on ebay prior to this and all went with my purchase.
I searched for a gently used Ipad and found one instantly.  I look at the seller's ratings and they were all positive. The person had been a member for years and it looked like the perfect situation.  I paid with PayPal and told Giavanna.  She spent three weeks running to the front door whenever we arrived home

The package never came and as she prepared for her trip to California,  she was upset that I "lied" to her about getting an Ipad.  UGH- I had 9 conversations with the seller, all fake as he never sent the package. I reported him to Ebay and moved on- quickly,  as I wanted Giavanna to have her Ipad for her trip to California.  At this point, I was also feeling bad as she had waited long and I got her excited for absolutely nothing.

In my absolute haste, I quickly went back on ebay- a very stupid move on my part.  I searched frantically as I just wanted to get this transaction over with. I was feeling stressed about my children leaving for California- so clearly this was nervous energy.
I found another gently used ipad and started bidding on it. There were seventeen other bidders and I won the item. I paid $360.00 for my new used Ipad and my seller- Simon said " your Ipad is in the mail".

A few days prior to Giavanna arriving back home, the box arrived. I anxiously and excitedly tore it open and gasped as I opened the beautiful brand new box. It was EMPTY and I kid you not. It was a brand new box complete with Ipad instructions but no Ipad.  My heart sunk as I quickly logged onto my ebay account.  I reread the auction item and in very tiny letters there it was- BOX ONLY.  I was furious and immediately wrote to Simon.

My letter was straightforward and I asked him to call me as I could not understand why I just paid $360.00 for a brand new empty box. The guy was not nice to me at all. I never spoke with him on the phone but we exchanged emails and he said that he wrote box only and that I knew I was getting a box.
Really, the last time I paid for a box Mr. Simon was...oh let me thing about that... oh right... NEVER - You -------- fill in the blank!!!!

I was so miffed and ironically did not have to forward all of this to the ebay resolution center as he already did. That perplexed me a bit but whatever... I wrote a letter to ebay and told them the truth and they have a record of all exchanges between customers so I didn't have explain much.  Seven days later, they voted in my favor and refunded all of my money to PayPal and reprimanded him. The money is supposed to be in my PayPal account yet I don't see it in any account. Im still working on that.

In the meantime I have received two scathing emails from a very angry man who knows where I live.

He called me a Jerky- and then told me I was one of those scummy people that should not use ebay. Really, ummm okay. I reluctantly stopped writing back to him. When Im infuriated I enjoy expressing myself but refrained for fear that this crazy man would show up at my door.

The first ipad that I ordered never showed up at all and the case is still being researched at the ebay resolution center.

All this promoted a visit to the Apple store while my kids were away. I decided that after all the fuss and all the waiting and aggravation I would simply buy Giavanna a brand new Ipad two. I justified it three thousand ways and happily presented it to her the day she arrived home. She was beyond thrilled and so excited that she ran outside with it to show Christopher something "very cool".  In her excitement she dropped it on the driveway and shattered the entire screen.

Needless to say I wanted to cry and or scream but I refrained and told her to simply give it to me. I told her that accidents happen and wiped away her tears as she sobbed. Another trip to the Apple store and I have forever banned my family for even suggesting that I go on ebay.  I don't cry over material losses as I have experienced enough human loss that I know better than to get upset over things that are broken. Clearly someone has an Ipad voodoo doll over me. Whoever it is.... please I beg of you I need a break.

 As I said- only me. xo

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Doug Hardy, iMN said...

Use the Apple Store. On the left hand side of the apple store page you'll see a special deals part, where they rotate stock frequently. You'll find a refurbished iPad there I'm sure, and you'll be dealing with a reputable company instead of some turd scammer on ebay.