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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stop Being Rude To Me

Yesterday I needed a few hours away from my house and my beautiful children. Thus far my summer has been wonderful, filled with friends over all the time and fun with my children. After the long holiday weekend however - I simply needed alone time. Im grieving for my cousin so I just needed to be quiet and alone. I naturally went shopping and then decided to get a manicure and pedicure.

My little outing started on the Post Road in Westport. I popped into one of my favorite stores and was greeting by two grumpy middle aged women. I just wanted to browse around and do my thing. They followed me around the store and when I asked a question about how a certain label would fit... they said "we don't know, you have to try it on" Okay, thanks for nothing and by the way I don't try on so I might see you within five days. What kind of return policy is five days- ridiculous. I bought the dress anyway.

I moved to the back of the store where they carry high-end, over priced children's clothing. I made a bee line to the 70 percent off rack and found some really cute things for Giavanna. The grumpy lady was still following me but any question I had was answered in a surly and abrupt manner.
Okay, I get it- you don't like my questions and you hate your job... sorry but then get the heck away from me. I found some nice purchases the store but couldn't wait to get out. I asked myself if it was worth shopping there with those obnoxious ladies and Im still on the fence about that. I don't like give my business to rude people but then again... hip and fun clothes may overrule this.

I then made my way to the nail salon next door. Oh boy- I walked in and they looked at me like I had just stolen their cash register. "Hi- I would like a mani/pedi and Im in a rush"- They looked at each other and spoke in a foreign language for ten minutes before insisting that I sit down and wait. Um.. okay but can you do it- Im in a hurry I say once again. Do they understand me, can they not smile and do some kind of hand gesture that may give an indication that we were all on the same page. Well, the answer is of course not. I sat in the chair for ten more minutes and the Nail Concierge told me that it would only be ten more minutes. I told him I would be right back- 13 minutes later I returned and he yelled at me. "I told you ten minute ten minutes!!" - Okay... I understand that and it's around ten minutes but I lost my turn. He was yelling at me and I left. He followed me down the street and kept saying "twenty more minutes twenty more minutes"- I was no longer smiling and gave him one of my "looks". Grumpy, yet another grumpy face on my child-free afternoon.

I decided to go back to Monroe to my usual nail place. I called and made an appointment and when I arrived... again Grumpy faces... The nail guy started to file my nails and do his thing but he was mad. I tried to make conversation and he was completely unresponsive until forty five minutes into my appointment. He looks at his appointment book and starts yelling at me. "You missed your last appointment and you didn't call" - "I lost money because of you and people-angry at me -angry at me".

Okay- well I indeed forgot to cancel an appointment but everytime I go in there- perhaps there are three others getting their nails done. The thought of a herd of women angry as he had an empty chair for forty five minutes one day.. hm very unlikely. He was relentless so I said.. Im sorry I will happily pay you for the time I did not show up and then he was upset again. "No, you don't do this.. no no no ! I gave up and couldn't wait to finish up as it was so unrelaxing. You don't want the nail guy upset with- it's simply not relaxing and he was very rough when filing- ah... so rude I thought. Who needs this annoyance- I should be relaxed or so I thought! I decided to go back home to my darling children and take them swimming with their friends.

I took them to my mother's pool- the last problem of my day. When I arrived on the scene I noticed a big problem. The liner was starting to detach from the side. She just had the liner replaced four weeks ago and they should last at least fifteen years - not fifteen days.
I called the Pool company and guess what... The ultimate grump and so unfriendly- he told me it was no big deal... what a dope.

If you don't like people, get a job where you don't have to deal with people. It's a basic concept... The friendlier you are- the more business you will get and the more money you will make. There is so much competition these days- not being friendly is the kiss of death for your business. "You can win more bees with honey than you can with vinegar". That quote certainly works for me. Being nice comes naturally to me- thank god for that gift.
Our society needs to be kinder and nicer. It's so basic and something that should be taught at the dinner table. Manners, graciousness and kindness will add immense pleasure to your life. People will be attracted to you and if you are in sales- it's half of your business. I just decided that I will no longer shop in my favorite clothing store. Too bad for them.. Have a nice day and be nice to others- for me. xo

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