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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smoking Hot and Horrified!

I knew it would happen one day. It's inevitable and predictable and has been a concern of mine ever since I had my first AOL account- Michel3703@aol. The it Im referring to is the dreaded act of emailing or texting the wrong person with the wrong message. God help me, I did it yesterday for the first time in my Modern Technology lifetime.

It was a typical busy day filled with kid obligations, errands and paperwork. I was in a hurry to print out and deliver a package in regard to the sale of my house. We dropped the price for anyone who might be interested. I suspect, this comes as no surprise in this depressed housing market.
In the running around of my day, I met a very friendly, nice man. Ok, I admit it, he was extremely good-looking and I had him in mind for a friend of mine who had recently divorced. Hey- Im always on the look out for my friends. He was so kind and engaging and in fact right up her alley as he was the perfect blend of rugged good looks, outdoorsy and perhaps a bit rebellious- just a touch. She is beautiful,outdoorsy and very sweet so my wheels are spinning as Im watching him express himself with ease and kindness. In a short period, I found out that he was in fact single with no children and never married. He was in his late forties and had his own business that was thriving despite the economy. I managed to leave with his business card in tow and a mission to tell my friend all about him as she has been rather down on men as of late.

The trouble began at around 4:30 pm. She texted me on my Blackberry and I was excited to tell her all about my afternoon and the man I had met. Earlier in the day, I had changed from Directv to Optimum cable so I have a new phone number. All of my technology had to be programmed to match the new modum and router that was installed. My blackberry was a little bit on the fritz as it lost the wi-fi connection. I did however text her something along the lines of this- and since Im traumatized I can't recall my exact words but here goes....

"Hey there, hope you had a great day. Met the hottest guy today, smokin hot and sexy..right up your alley and you know I never say things like that but he is perfect for you".

In fact, my closest friends would attest to the fact that I NEVER speak like that and I mean NEVER EVER EVER NEVER !!! I can not emphasize this enough and I wish my friends were here so you could see them shaking their heads in agreement. Anyhow, I trust you will take my word on that.

Anyhow, I hit send on my phone and the strangest thing happens. The name of the guy shows up on my phone. I tend to program a persons name immediately into my address book as more often than not I misplace their business card. Panic immediately sets in- my blackberry is messed up and I now have a foreign symbol that appears when I text.
I can't tell where my text was delivered to but I have the sinking and horrendous feeling that it went to "hot guy intended for friend." Oh my God, I began to sweat and was instantly concerned that he would read this and think that I was some strange stalker type or something along the lines of Fatal attraction. I never set up my friends, what was I thinking and how could this happen were some thoughts that filtered through my head. What do I do now....

I have an idea that doesn't exactly resolve my situation but perhaps can make it not so ridiculous. I decide I will call "hot guy" and tell him the truth, explain my embarrassment and just move on. I like to focus on resolution as opposed to dwelling on the problems in life.
I dialed up his number and thankfully got his answering machine. I rambled on in embarrassment and explained the situation - I was slightly laughing as the reality of this is that it's pretty darn hilarious. I hung up and thought- good- done and Im not fixing him up with my friend. Mission accomplished- or so I thought.

My phone rings an hour or so later. My eyes grow larger and I gasp as I see it is "hot guy" calling me back. Oh god no.. no no no... your'e not supposed to call me back! We are moving on - and not dwelling on the embarrassing text. I answer the phone and immediately say- "hello, did you get my phone message to which he replies- "No, in fact I didn't bother listening to it but saw that you called so Im calling you back." Okay, so my plan is now backfiring. I tell him to hang up and listen to his answering machine and then call me back. He has to think Im crazy at this point.

My phone finally rings back and I answer on the first ring. "Hello", I say in a very sheepish nmanner. He then says, "I got your phone message but I never received a text message from you.
I embarrassed myself for no reason at all.
Thankfully he and I share the same sense of humor and he so graciously helped us move on to another topic. So thank you "Mr. Hot" guy for being nice and understanding. Im not sure I have ever had such an embarrassing moment, wait I take that back- I still haven't told you about Buffy's wedding... another time as Im still recovering from yesterdays antics. Laughter, truly is the best medicine that life can offer. And, please pay attention to your texting, spare yourself from the day I had yesterday.

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