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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scandal and Spotlight

If the story were not so pathetic it would actually be amusing. Im not one to write about Political Scandal but I just watched Jon Stewart read the exchange between Mr. Weiner and the Black Jack dealer. I have always found Jon Steward to be entertaining. He is a bit off color but it comes with the territory. He and another comedian read the dirty dialogue that that was exchanged and it was incredibly funny. It was the delivery of it that was comical but the content was vile.

The behavior of Mr. Wiener is baffling to me. I understand that people have different sexual aspirations and underlying weirdness. What I don't understand is the lack of intelligence for someone who is a Congressman. While he is not the first and certainly will not be the last to have a sex scandal looming around them, he is the current study. If you are in the public eye, everything you do and say will be scrutinized and written about. His wife is also in the Washington circle, working beside Hillary Clinton. She isn't some hillbilly woman who is out of the loop, she is actually right on the scene. Let's forget about the fact that she is stunningly beautiful and dresses like an exotic movie star. Her pregnancy really puts this story and the behavior of this man way over the top. The poor girl girl will never want to leave the house again. If I were her I would seriously consider a Villa in Portofino complete with staff and a wing for my friends and family.

When I lived in Boston and was married to a "local celebrity"- I found people extremely curious and interested in my life. I lived in a high rise building and worked in a large office park. My former husband was on the radio during drive-time and was very popular.
In a small city like Boston, the local radio hosts, sports figures and local reporters were able to truly connect with their audience. They were present at store openings or restaurant events and they interacted with the fans. They were accessible and friendly unlike celebrities might be in a larger city. I was happy that I was married to someone who was successful and I admit it was rather fun to meet celebrities. I enjoyed going back stage with my VIP pass while he worked. I would do my own thing as I walked in and out of the lounging rooms of people like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, Usher, Ricky Martin, Cher. It was usually packed with the band groupies, food, alcohol, pretty people and such. Im not a person that gets star struck but it was fun checking out the cool attire and chatting it up with celebrities. The only thing that I have to admit- which is a little groupy like is touching Ricky Martins leather jacket. It was a work of art as it was adorned with metal and rhinestones. It was dazzling and I wanted it so I couldn't help myself. Please don't judge me as it was only once.

The most exciting person that I have met thus far is Donald Trump and his wife Melania. He actually called into the radio show the day after we met and told my husband that after meeting me- he had a new found respect for him. Now, I know it's all show business and his The Apprentice was launching, so the motivation was there. He's no dummy when it comes to self promotion- with all of that said- it was still pretty neat. I have had the opportunity to keep in touch with him which is pretty cool.

The media in Boston is hungry for any information on local celebrities. My wedding was discussed in the Boston Globe and featured in the Boston Herald. My pregnancy and childbirth were announced in both papers and we were both often seen in the Improper Bostonian Magazine. I was actually in there more as a result of my connection with Children's Hospital. I was the Director of Membership for an organization called the Children's Hospital Council- a group of young professionals involved in fundraising for the Hospital. I was part of the start up of this organization and there was always some sort of local press around.

My ex had very high ratings and his morning show was continually rated in the top three. His fans adored him and wanted to get to know him. He was friendly and engaging and he truly liked people. He was nice to everyone who approached him regardless of their social or ethnic background. He basked in the attention and I was happy to be on the sidelines. If we were in a restaurant, the waitstaff would gawk at us as we dined. They sent drinks over and asked for autographs for themselves and their friends. I often took pictures of them with my former husband and spoke with them as they believed they knew me on a personal level. They asked me about my wedding, pregnancy and they told me that they could tell that my ex husband adored me.
They listened and they wanted to know every detail of our personal lives.

I bring all of this up because I have had a taste of living slightly under a microscope. I didn't like many aspects of it however it came with the territory. The fact that I did not crave that sort of attention make it simpler for our relationship. My ex loved the attention and most people that gravitate toward entertainment thrive on it.

I found it intrusive and I would get very annoyed when he discussed our most private conversations on the air. Everyone in the company where I worked listened to him as did the entire office park, more or less. One day I walked into my office and was approached by several co-workers. As they drove into work they were listening to the latest details of an argument that we had a week prior. It was truthful but presented in an exaggerated manner. I was not happy and I often expressed my unhappiness about exposing so much of our private lives to the world.

The worst idea was when my ex suggested that we have a contest surrounding the birth of Christopher. The listeners would have to guess either the weight of the baby or the time of birth- I can't recall- however I was not happy. He explained to me that for insurance reasons, someone from Clear Channel had to be present in the room. The response to that was clearly NOT a good one and I was irked that he would even suggest such an intrusion. It would have been great for his ratings but I had to decline. He didn't argue as he knew when to back off in regard to this issue.

Prior to our wedding, there was a "Bachelor Party" for him. It was not a bachelor party in the traditional sense but rather a party for him for all of his listeners. They surprised him with the appearance of Patriots players. The only names I can recall are Lawyor Malloy and Willie MGuiness which Im sure is spelled incorrectly. All that I can recall is that it was a very bad evening. Too many intrusive and antagonistic fans, too many cosmos and it was a terrible night. We ended up fighting and very unhappy. Men would hit on me just to see if they could get my attention away from my ex and women would walk up to him and kiss him right on the lips. This happened while I was often by his side.

It takes a real strength of character to deal with this type of situation and if you don't learn how to take it in stride- you will be miserable all the time. The positive aspect of it was the financial gain and notoriety that would advance his career. The downside of it was that your privacy was continually invaded. You also had to be conversational with people that you might not want within ten feet of you. This was a greater problem for me than it was for him- but then again- I grew up in Fairfield county.

My family of origin is conservative and intellectual and I was never exposed to or impressed with the Entertainment world. Even at the lowest level- if you are in the spotlight, people want to know your business- the good, the bad and the ugly. Your behavior must be stellar or it will be reported on. Thus, Weinergate is a ridiculous happening in my opinion. The behavior of this congressman is unimaginable and I can't believe that he did not have the forethought that would interrupt his heinous behavior. Did it not occur to him that Twitter and Facebook just might reach a couple of million people. He is a foolish man who has zero respect for his wife and his position. He does not deserve to remain in his seat. If he is so dumb that he can't avoid a scandal like this- how can he possible serve the country in an intelligent manner. Get out of the spotlight and move to Vegas. Perhaps he can get a job in the Porn industry as Im sure they have his number on auto-dial, or he can simply do it from the privacy of his own home.

Temptation and weirdness lurk around every corner and with exist a million people that are waiting to watch you fall. Have respect and integrity in your life. If you would not want your spouse or children to learn of your behavior clearly you should give it some forethought.

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