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Friday, June 24, 2011

No More Lunches !

Throw those lunchboxes out please.

The most exciting thing that comes to mind with the last day of school is the three month reprieve of some of the most repetitive understimulating tasks that accompany the school year.

Thank you Lord that I do not have to make one more ham and cheese sandwich with a tiny bit of mayonnaise and a touch of lettuce on fresh Italian bread, god help us all if the bread is not right. I love my children but I have to be truthful. By the time June arrives if I have to make one more sandwich and fill one more lunchbox with a bag of chips, fruit, juice boxes, cookies, yogurt, or whatever the delightful combination might be- I just might possibly go insane.

It is indeed a trite and mindless chore nontheless,I do not enjoy the lunch preparation- lunch at home Im okay with- the minute the lunchbox is before me that's a different story.

Women, who at some point have had incredibly stimulating lives and careers are now debating between tuna and ham, yogurt or yogurt squishers and goldfish versus smart food. We prepare with love and forethought and happily tend to our children as we do get satisfaction from contributing to the success and warmth of our children. However there is a big part of my brain that needs to be stimulated.. beyond coldcuts and snacks. The different palates is also mind numbing.

Christopher wants a chewy Italian bread with a crust that is not too crusty. Giavanna likes a soft bread with a very crusty crust. Mayo for him, none for her, vegetables for him, don't even think about it for her. Christopher loves cookies, giavanna hates sweets. Chocolate milk for Christopher- none for Giavanna. Is this some kind of mental torture meant to encourage large goblets of wine by 4:30 pm. Have you seen the wine label called "Mommy's Time Out". There is a darn good reason for the title not that I speak from experience- stop rolling yours eyes my dearest friends.

Mommyhood equals many a mundane task and Im not complaining HOWEVER... who wants to empty the dishwasher and who loves to fold laundry.. all of these tasks are so understimulating, but the making of the lunch is the one that could drive me over the edge. Let's just say that as of Monday, I believe that I have made no less than 400 sandwiches during the school year. I have two children and there are 180 days of school more or less- include weekends..Oh and I can't be the only mother out there that deplores the thought of standing in the deli line. Oh god that's another task that could drive me to put a little baileys in my daily macchiato.

I simply can't stand hearing people order coldcuts and then to make it worse- watching the deli man go through the different thickness - is this okay how about this thickness- or that thickness- would you like to try a piece... This creates agita for me as Im not the most patient soul. I laugh as I think how annoying it is to me...perhaps it is just me and I have a cold cut disorder.
I will veto coldcuts for the summer- a bold statement indeed. I get very passionate about things so watch out.

Im also thrilled that our daily schedule has been eliminated. I get up the same time regardless- well not the same time but let's just say if you follow my blog- there is a good chance that I didn't bother going to bed. Who needs sleep anyway.

I will not miss the morning scramble that winds down after I yell HURRY UP as I run out the door with Giavanna. Christopher tends to take more time as we are heading out the door. He needs to be prepared, in every possible respect. Giavanna can wing it and is always anxious to get the show on the road.

Im all about being prepared so when you tell me at 7:00 am that "TODAY IS DRESS LIKE YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER DAY"- I am not amused. I don't like a wardrobe scramble. Tell me the day before and Im all over it for you. Please don't tell me that you HAVE to wear green and orange socks the day that this is required. Im not a fan of the wardrobe requirements on school spirit day. I think uniforms are the way to go. Christopher loves to dress preppy so he is not the issue. Thankfully he is not so concerned about fulfilling the requirements of school spirit day.

Giavanna has a little more flair- not sure where that came from but do not put an IZOD shirt near her unless you want to see it on the floor after she flings it over the bannister. Do not suggest a dress for school either- very bad idea and I learned it the hard way. She loves to make a very strong statement with her clothes flying over the bannister- that surely did not come from me or her father. It's Giavanna being Giavanna- adorable but the Latin-Italian combination can be explosive, please don't tell her I said that or I will have to hide.

No more running for the bus and no more outfits that make me look like a mental patient that still enjoys a little glamour. Im ready for sundresses and a tan, time with friends, no bed time, relaxation and the all of the little pleasures that accompany this time of year.

Indeed, the past two mornings have been eerily quiet, however I have adjusted beautifully. I love the solitude and calm that begins my day. I love the time that I can spend with Christopher and Giavanna that is without structure or demand. I can't wait until we head to Boston or Martha's Vineyard for a few days... with no schedule and no requirements... Summer time and the living is easy....

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Noreen said...

I understand your lunch feelings for school days believe me and the different taste buds our children have !!!!!!!!!!!!!