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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Glorious Sunday

It's Sunday morning, my children are playing on the trampoline, the air is beautiful so I have opened every window in my house. It's a lovely weekend morning and we are not in any rush to go anywhere-I just need one perhaps two things that would make it perfect. The one that I can mention is my new addiction- a caramel macchiato with skim milk from Starbucks. I typically prefer to drink it iced as I find it invigorating. I have been drinking this concoction of expresso, milk and caramel goodness for some time now. Since I love caffeine- I stick with expresso. I enjoy the taste and unlike most people, I actually like the feeling of hyperactivity that it gives me. It helps me through the day sometimes as I often sleep no more than four hours per night. My kids know how much I love Starbucks and Christopher enjoys reminding me that too much caffiene is bad for me. I often suggest to him that he bring this topic up again to me when he is in Medical School and he has been up for three days in a row.

Im all for Drug Awareness and I think that the Dare Program that Christopher just graduated from is phenomenal. I went to the graduation last week and I was truly impressed. I found that the impact on the children was tremendous. Our local police officer Mark runs the program and is a fantastic, warm and compassionate person. He truly cares for children and is often seen throughout the halls of the schools on a daily basis. When Christopher told me there was a Dare graduation- I simply thought it would be a small ceremony.

I was very wrong as it was an extremely significant two hours. It was a meaningful ceremony and poignant. Most importantly it made a giant impression on our children. The ceremony was so well done complete with messages from many important people, as well as the repetitive message of Drug Awareness. Officer Mark told the children that this would be the most important graduation that they would ever attend. The principal gave a wonderful presentation on the fact that all of the children had dreams, and abilities and opportunities. She emphasized that all of these dreams could come into fruition if they had clarity of mind and a drug-free body. Each child had the gift of a promising future, but only if they did not venture into a world that could destroy every future goal or possibility. I was impressed with the impact of each message.

In a suburb like Easton, it is hard to imagine that there could possibly be any sort of drug problem. Everyone exemplifies all that is good in Fairfield County. It's a small town with a close knit community of people that have one huge thing in common. We all want our children to thrive and be successful,educated and happy. This thread that keeps us knit together is what most people in the community value. The confidence and security that we are raising our children in a safe and intellectual environment. This town was recently rated as the safest town in Connecticut.
The school system is fabulous and while it is not extremely diverse, it does provide the perfect foundation for any child. I believe that rootedness and a solid foundation is of extreme importance to a person as they journey through life. It helps them establish longterm connections and gives them a place that they will always consider home, no matter how far they travel.

Since I can no longer stand the isolation of not seeing a neighbor, my house is for sale. I thought that I should take the opportunity to move to a town like Westport, Fairfield or New Canaan. A nice town that had a more active downtown and not so rural. As the end of the year is winding down, I started singing a different tune. The minute I walked into Helen Keller Middle School for orientaion, I made the affirmative decision that I could not possibly leave Easton. I would be doing a disservice to my children and to myself. Im not living in downtown Boston anymore and while I miss the energy, diversity and action of living there - moving one or two towns over would not satisfy what I crave.

It's not about me anymore, it is about the happiness and security of Christopher and Giavanna. Im already grounded, confident and secure. My parents gave me the gift of both freedom and rootedness. I feel connected to Connecticut and the Northeast. Im never leaving this area for it filled with all that is important to me. I love the intellectual, fast paced, slightly uptight and hyper environment. It has defined me, enriched me and is a part of my being. I have the ability to venture out and do things that might be a little different from the norm because Im a secure person. I will give this gift to my children as it has undeniably suited me well.

I even have a Starbucks drive through eight minutes from my house. Since it's almost nine am- I just might need a Venti caramel macchiato. I survived Giavanna's sleepover and dance recital- and managed to squeeze in a tennis game with Christopher. Bring on the caffeine- Im on my way.

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