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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is School Out Yet !

What a long week this has been. I was happy to wrap it up last night with a Venti Cosmopolitan. I have become rather good at whipping up this delightful concoction, however the best one I have ever tasted was in Ridgefield at Luc's Cafe. Ludo- the French bartender insisted that he made the best Cosmo ever- and he absolutely does. It's worth the forty-five minute drive from Easton any day of the week, not to mention their Mousse au Chocolat. I can't even put into words how delicious it is other than I believe it is a gift from the gods.

Ask any Mother right now how they are feeling and I guarantee you that they will respond in the following manner -
"Im great but I have so much to do" or "Hectic, running around all day for the kids" or " I can't wait for school to end, so many kid parties, recitals, etc..."

We are all griping- with a smile on our face. We love our children, and their trillion activities. We are happy to go to hear them sing and dance and party it up with their friends. It's all happy and positive and wonderful-'s enough already!

By the time the school year ends, I believe that we are all maxed out. I can tell you that I have not missed a game, a practice, a try-out, a concert, a recital, a party or a parade even in a thunderstorm!! Yesterday I spent two hours in Giavanna's classroom watching the kids play and eat cupcakes. It was cute and sweet and meaningful however.... Enough already- Two hours is a big chunk out of the day and while I love my Giavanna- I have to tend to other areas in life to make her life even that much more enjoyable when she is not at school.

Brownie ceremony Monday Night- Christopher's School Party Tuesday- Early Dismissal Wednesday- another party for Christopher- another party for Giavanna and then Thursday- another party for Giavanna. Friday- pool, Chardonnay, friends and NOTHING- No schedule- no school- no lunches to pack. A day of Relaxation- is it possible.. oh no I think my cat has a vet appointment. Add cancel vet appointment to my to do list- sorry Miss Donatella- you are fourth in line my friend.

Mothers will be rejoicing everywhere next week but only for approximately four weeks. Then when you ask any Mother how she is feeling- I guarantee you that she will respond in the following manner. "Summer's great but enough already- I can't wait to get back on a schedule" or " Im so excited for school to start, there is not enough to keep the kids occupied- they are constantly bored are at each others throats."

They will all be griping again..... It's rather comical when I think about it because this occurence is predictable and right on point. I would put a thousand dollars on this one.

I have heard that too much of anything is bad... however I can think of a few things that I would happily take too much of. Spending time with a partner, fine dining, splurging on something meaningful, summer barbecues, spending time with family and soaking in time with your closest friends. I could go on with that list as life offers so many pleasures and one of them is the Summer.

Indulge, relax, get off schedule and calm down if only for a month. Your soul and mind need a break from all of the incoming messages and responsibilities. Slow down and appreciate your children and lack of structure. Summer will end in the blink of an eye and so will their childhood. Life goes by very quickly and every season offers delight.

Too often we daydream about what we don't have, and we wish our lives away. We think happiness comes from more money, more freedom, a better spouse, marriage, divorce etc... We lose the beauty of the moment and all of the blessings that we already have. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. Go feel the sunshine on your face today, even if only for fifteen minutes and think about how lucky you already are. We all want more- it's human nature but just for today- don't worry about tomorrow- be happy. I have to go- that sunshine is calling my name xo.

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