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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heaven or Hell

"The spiritual quest is not some added benefit to our life, something you embark on if you have the time and inclination. We are spiritual beings on an earthly journey. Our spirituality makes up our beingness."

I respect every religion and believe system. Your personal spiritual journey is yours alone.  I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, we attended church, celebrated the sacraments and prayed for things we thought important.
 We were Italian-  we relied heavily on Saint Anthony to find all that was misplaced. A statue of Saint Francis was nestled in our backwoods to welcome all of the animals.

I attended Lauralton Hall, a Catholic school run by nuns and I am raising my children Catholic as well.
I have also taught Religious Ed. for four years, not sure how I have lasted so long.  I however realized the fact that this was an opportunity to teach children at a young age some important things that perhaps had not been learned at home.
Manners first off followed by virtues that I think are essential.
I have veered away from the mundane and meaningless stories in the Teachers manual and have resorted to my own sense of what matters to be a good person, who is grateful - a spiritual and compassionate person.

When I attended Northeastern and frequently took the T-  I was often approached by religious people spreading the word of Jesus. It irritated me. Im not interested in discussing my beliefs or hearing the ideals of someone I do not know or respect. I do not like being encouraged to embrace someone else's strong belief when they do not know who I am, or truly care. The imposing of religion or spirituality on another is wrong. I have always loved studying different religions, cultures and thought beliefs but that is my own personal thirst for knowledge.

Live your life, raise your children how you wish and I shall do the same.
I can't stand when the Jehovah Witnesses ring my doorbell. There is something about them and the way they boldly hand out  literature that bothers me.
 I often simply tell them to not come back. I offer no other conversation. Im friendly and nice and enjoy meeting new people - however - I don't want to hear what you think about Jesus.. I just don't and don't walk up my driveway.

Yesterday a group of people spreading the "good word'  pulled up my long, windy and very private driveway.
Unexpected visitors are a rarity based on how my house is set back from the street and the fact that I have a guard dog. Nothing really screams out... welcome all visitors. Im raising two children alone. Im the sole protector of my family, my property and I do it fiercely.

  My children have witnessed it and get a kick out of it but also feel one thousand percent safe despite living on a country road in the woods. Now that I have Achilles, our Giant protector, no one has come to my door unannounced. Until yesterday-
I was upstairs and I heard Achilles barking- there are two barks. One when he is playing around and one when he is at work.
This was a working bark. I quickly looked out the window and there were two children, dressed in suits about to walk right up to my dog and to my front door. Despite the snow on the ground- I ran out with flip flops on and yelled Stop- Please Don't walk any further.

 The parents sat in the car as they watched their children approach my dog who was barking profusely, obviously concerned about our visitors.
 As I approached the boys, they happily starting walking toward me. Again I told them to stop. I would come to them. I was friendly as they were sweet boys and had such a kind nature to them. Their parents did as well and yet I found it unreal that they were so focused on spreading the word of Jesus that they didn't see the concern of Achilles.

I thanked them and told them not to come up my driveway again. Christopher asked me what had happened and I smiled as I threw the brochure his way. He had the same sentiments thankfully as I do.. Why are they driving up our driveway- no one in our town is going to answer the door- we don't live in little neighborhoods where the homes are back to back. He was not interested in them either.

 Each of us has our own beliefs. Im happy that they have found their light and have signed up to spread the word of their institution but spare us. Do your thing, however you do it but don't impose it on others. Spirituality and Religion are personal, they are carved out, molded and evolve as they will. I encourage those in difficult times to turn inward and reflect and happily suggest all of the spiritual, philosophical and prayerful rituals that enrich our lives.

I practice many different belief systems.  I will guide and nurture that growth of spirituality in my children as I find accordingly. This however is my job, not the job of a random group of people in a caravan that decide to drive up my driveway to spread what is their belief. Live and let live.

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