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Friday, February 6, 2015

Damsels In Distress

" The caring spirit of strangers continually warms my soul."   Michelle A. Bravo The snow continues to fall and the roads are extremely icy here in the Northeast. Im extremely content this winter and have enjoyed being nestled in my house, catching up on organizing, writing my book, reading, and spending time with Christopher and Giavanna. Im not much for staying home all the time so being trapped inside due to a storm ignites my motivation and creativity.

This past Tuesday, as I was driving back to my house after teaching Religioius Ed.. I could anxious to get home to my warm house. It was a frigid afternoon and I had just spent the hour teaching 15 eleven year olds who had just consumed chocolate.  Need I say more.

As I neared my driveway I noticed an SUV had crashed into a snowbank and was stuck. I quickly went over to see if the young girl driver was okay and then smiled as she was fine and so sweet.  She was nervous as she had been stuck for a while and since I live on a somewhat quiet road, the chances of rescue were not immediate.

I quickly drove up my driveway and grabbed a shovel to try and dig her out. As I walked closer to her it was more than apparent that I would never have the ability to conquer this task single handedly. At this time her Mom had arrived on the scene, relieved and grateful that her daughter was safe.  We both had shovels in our hands, and smiled at each other fully aware that this would be an insurmountable task.

As a single woman living the Suburban life with the most treacherous driveway known to man, I know what to do in times of despair.
It was time to play a role in which I am truly role -playing- the woman in need of rescue.

I told them not to fear as I would find help in no time. Determined yes -and with a confident approach I flagged down the next truck with a plow that drove toward us. I was standing in middle of the street and he would have had to hit me to get me out of his way. He had no choice but to stop

I ran up to the drivers window and smiled as I pleaded in a happy manner for him to help us. He had a warm smile and a face that exuded warmth. I could tell he was slightly amused at my tenacity and friendliness but a smile always goes a long way. He was more than happy to help us. He was such a kind man, and lucky for me, he turned out to live on my street. Clearly this gift was sent from above.

He tied her SUV and tied it to his truck and effortlessly pulled her out in three minutes. There are times when special people appear out of the blue. It is in those times that I am blissfully reminded of the innate goodness in people.  I have cultivated relationships like this for because I love people and   out of necessity given the manner in which I chose to live.

The best part of this day was making two new friends. I instantly connected with the Mom on the scene. It was instant friendship with us as we discussed how we ended up in Easton and the rest of our life details. I rarely see anyone on my street when I walk Achilles and yet in this instance where help was needed, it arrived clearly by the grace of God. As we exchanged phone numbers and business cards, I knew in my heart that new friendships were being initiated and it warmed my heart.

In times of trouble, it is always a great thing of beauty for me to observe a united spirit of the willingness to help strangers.  Im so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. They often seem to appear when I need them the most.
 Im blessed in so many ways, my two new friends are simply two more things to be grateful for. xo

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