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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Reflection

My Reflection

I love going to graduations, particularly if they are my children's. Im not a weepy eyed mother who gets upset that their child is no longer in elementary or middle school. I love the sense of accomplishment that I see in the faces of exuberant children. I love the sense of contribution and happiness on the faces of their teachers and principals and I enjoy seeing the pride in the faces of all the parents who are so satisfied in seeing their children progress. Graduations are a symbol of accomplishment and inspiration, and I think they also stir within myself an introspective focus.  

I had attended a few of my brothers graduations- two Fairfield Country day graduations, Choate Rosemary Hall, Hotchkiss school followed by Harvard and Brown. 

The ceremonies at Ivy league schools  are memorable. They are full of tradition and pageantry and famous people. The President of France spoke at Harvard- and I recall seeing people such as Jane Fonda, JFK junior, Geraldine Ferraro and countless others present.  Exciting- with all of the expected Pomp and Circumstance. 
A few years later, it came time for my graduation from Northeastern. One of my biggest regrets is that I did not attend.

My life was integrated into the city of Boston. My campus was Boston and that is the manner in which I lived. 
Having such a great experience, why would I not attend my own graduation, it seems odd that I would have no desire to go. There were several reasons, the first was that there were so many students in my graduating class and the graduation would be held in the Boston Garden. There were no tents as there were at Harvard and Brown, and no four day extravaganzas. It would be a let down for my parents, or so I thought.  I would not subject my parents to going and therefore had my diploma sent to me in the mail.  

I should have attended my graduation.  I did well and was proud of my school. I had a fabulous education in a place that encouraged my personal growth and individuality. Northeastern, truly helped me evolve into the person that I am today.
I was the youngest girl with two Ivy league brothers, I didn't attend an Ivy league school yet Im very smart. How could I possibly see that when the only thing people ever said to me was - "Your brothers are so smart- Your brothers are unbelievable- Your brothers get every award- your brothers are so nice and smart.  If my brothers were so smart that would make me regular smart which didn't show up on the radar, until a few years ago.

Our schools do not define us. What matters is determination, hard work, and perseverance and never  What defines us is our character and how we treat others, how we contribute to society and the manner in which we honor the people we love. These factors contribute to success right alongside those fancy degree.

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