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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Not The Perfect Couple

Not The Perfect Couple                          

I’m not quite sure if Robin Leach is referring to the richness of one’s life and personal substance or their monetary value, or perhaps a combination of both. I know one thing that’s for sure- celebrities are regular people who make too much money for entertaining the masses. We are always surprised when certain couples get divorced. Remember when Heidi Klum and Seal announced their divorce. I was stunned.
Was this not the couple who idolized each other in interviews. In fact, they renewed their vows yearly and  he even wrote songs to her. She spoke of what an amazing man he was and what a fabulous father he was to all of their children. He adopted her babies from her first marriage and it seemed to me that they had the most beautiful relationship that one could wish for. Apparently I was wrong.
What happened to their amazing union in such a short period of time. If you are wonderfully both successful and have a lot of money, divorce becomes that much simpler. No one is sucking it up until the kids grow up for financial reasons. Unhappy- hit the highway and the ability to reconnect with another lover will happen instantly. I have a feeling that the road to recovery for someone like Heidi Klum is rather effortless. Money for all of life’s pleasures, nannies, travel and the beauty to attract any partner she desires.
Or, perhaps she is devastated. Maybe her dream man actually has flaws after all. Perhaps Seal was a good actor but when they had one too many children, the stress turned him into someone different. Maybe Heidi is a witch to live with although she seems extremely sweet.  We certainly have no idea what happens behind the doors of any couple. It’s just that they always flaunted the love that they had together, the connection that they had together seemed out of this world. Or, like many things we want to believe in-do they really exist in reality or are they fairytales.
Im always sad to read of great couples who are splitting up. Celebrities and regular people alike- it’s all the same story- we get bored, we aren’t fulfilled and we think life is better on the other side of the fence. I like to see people happily in love and married for the long haul. It gives me belief in the system and the ideals that I held as a young girl.

The happiest couple in Hollywood seem to me to be Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell- oh but they aren’t married so they don’t count- Or maybe they are the ones who should count the most. Maybe that’s the secret to success-  Just a thought. xo
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