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Friday, April 11, 2014

A Most Meaningful Cake…..

I have known her since I was thirteen years old. She is the older sister of my best friend and she is an amazing person. I remember thinking that she was the serious one in the family, the strong and quiet one who was extremely observant, she didn't miss a thing and yet was polite enough to not interfere. At least that is what appeared to me through the eyes of a thirteen year old.

She was different, she had the most remarkable light blue eyes and fairer skin than the rest of her family, it was clear that she was the favored one and she resembled something created in heaven. Her face was angelic and the kindness that exuded from her spirit was expressed in her manner as well. Blessed with a smile delighted that delighted everyone, it was easy to see why she brought calm and substance to those in her presence. It was of no surprise that she studied to become a nurse and then brought her talent and expertise into yet another realm as a Spiritual Healer.

 I went to her home yesterday as I was in the mood to connect with her. She has become one of my best friends over time. A wonderful, caring friend who has an amazing wealth of knowledge and intuition. We are writing a book together which will be ready at some point in the next five years, it's a long process as we are researching and discussing and thinking. Together our ideas, experience and intuition will make for a wonderful resource for those who are seeking it. Our work has not come full circle yet but the festering of thoughts is a fantastic process for both of us. We have lead very different lives yet understand a similarity in the worlds that we come from. Our families have been friends for so long there is a comfort that feels better than family as there is the great respect of friendship.

Im still moved by the cake that she prepared for me. I gave her very short notice and yet when I arrived in her home, the aroma that flowed deliciously throughout was heavenly. I smelled lemons and cake and everything that spells delicious. To me, it smelled much better than any bakery I have every stepped foot in. She made me a cake, other than my Mother and for my birthday, no one has ever made me a cake. This cake was truly the best cake I have ever tasted. It was made with fresh eggs from her chickens, fresh lemons and lemon zest as well as Lemon grass. I have eaten in some of the finest restaurants in Connecticut, Boston and New York City. This is by far, the most delicious concoction I have ever tasted.

She laughed as I complimented her on this creation. "It was made for you, you like it so much because there was so much love put into it." Her words were absolutely on target however the cake Im convinced was divine.

We have shared much of our lives together, the fun, the exciting times, the relationships that we have traversed, funerals, weddings, anniversary parties, bar mitzvahs, divorces, family difficulties, illness, depression, children, animals and the best thing of all friendship. Yes, we are both incredibly busy, we have children and parents and challenges that absorb our time, our lives and our thoughts. It is a rare and special find to have a friend like her. I feel a connection to her that is simply like no other, it is sisterly and there is a depth to it that can only be experienced when you have known someone for so long.  She is a gift to me, a friend to me and someone who I love dearly.

It was not just a cake to me, it was much deeper and so much more significant then that. Nicolisa, you are a shining star sent from above. Those who know you and are close to you have been blessed. Now, please hand over that recipe but Im quite sure when I make it.. it won't taste the same.

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