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Monday, March 17, 2014


“She wanted something else, something different, something more. Passion and romance, perhaps, or maybe quiet conversations in candlelit rooms, or perhaps something as simple as not being second.” 

I believe I have arrived at that point in parenting in which I can sigh, happily and with confidence, that my children can survive and thrive while I'm away for a few days.  I thought this day would take longer to get to but it is here and I am very pleased.

I rarely leave my kids, in the 8 years that I have been divorced, the only time I leave them is if they are with their father. Which basically comes down to some time in the summer and occasional weekends. This past week I truly needed a break and it was fantastic. I have an amazing team of support around me I left with great confidence that everyone would be fine.

It was time, I needed to clear my mind and get some fresh air and be alone with someone that I love. We deserved it and after all these years it was the first time that I was able to take it without feeling guilty.
 Im that type of mother- you know- the one who feel guilty about everything. I have to admit that I believe it comes with divorce but perhaps it is something ingrained in all of us.
 I feel as if I have had to make up for the fact that I decided to leave my husband, but this time I didn't feel guilty. I was at peace and was able to enjoy every minute.

It was wonderful. I could enjoy myself and free myself of a feeling that I truly do not need to hold on to. I have done my best and given my all and I shall continue to do so.
The truth is that we as caretakers must remember that we are adults with needs and emotions and desires. We must honor them or we will disappear in the role that we so lovingly have created for ourselves.

Why should we  feel guilty about tending to our soul, and inner desires. Does becoming a mother or wife mean that as women we must always put others before us. At times, it if fact requires this,  but we must never become so consumed that we lose our inner dreamer. That person who still lives inside of us despite our children and our families. The one who wants to soar and accomplish and move around to the beat of the music we hear in our soul.

Do not lose sight of that which brings out your passion.

 I believe that we always need something to look forward to. For me it is a change of scenery.  I have always traveled and lived my life this way. It has been put on hold for a few years while my children were quite young but it is now time to reclaim it.

 It is the essence of who I am and what makes me thrive. It is refreshing and exciting and we all need that to get through the mundane aspect of life.

Reclaim your passion- travel, create, read, volunteer. Whatever it is that gets you out of your element and back to yourself, before you had all of  the responsibilities that greet your every morning.

Honor that part inside of you that has been overlooked. There is only one guarantee in this lifetime and that is that it's not forever, so cherish yourself as much as you do the ones that you love. You deserve it. xo

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