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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Me, Myself and I

“All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone.”
No one wants to be alone. We live in a society that revolves around couples and connections and we are always seeking. As children we are seeing the comfort and approval of our parents, as adults we are seeking the love and approval from our spouse or lover.
 As a divorced person I believe that the unraveling  of my own marriage has created a sense of reservation and hesitation. In other divorced people, the rush to remarry and replace that empty space happens very quickly. The aloneness is terrifying for many people.
Why are we so uncomfortable with being alone. If we truly connect inward and listen to our inner thoughts, what are we afraid that we will hear. A good friend of mine who is wonderfully spiritual has helped me connect to my innermost desires. 
She has helped me listen to the words that I send out to the universe, she has literally repeated my own words and has made me aware of the message that I am sending. It is a powerful exercise and it is rather extraordinary to hear your own words communicated back to you. You might not like what you hear and that is the most amazing part.
It takes practice and confidence to sit still with yourself and your desires. It takes courage to walk down the path of truthfulness and yet it is the only way to fulfill what you truly need to be satisfied. 
What that is for each of us will certainly vary. Life presents us with the most beautiful opportunities if we are open to them. It is however up to us to understand our core and our innermost self. Don’t run away from listening to your own words, they hold the knowledge to all that you seek.xo

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