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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Half Day Delight

Another half day- another day to amuse, entertain and delight our children instead of having them in school where they belong. I understand the need for professional development days but I think we have more than meets the eye in my town. I wish they would simply have the entire day off. At least make it a reasonable day to take a trip to New York City or something that is time consuming. Instead, I get my son at noon then we can’t take off because we have to get my daughter at one… it never fails… one has a playmate while the other does not.
So today I will kick into high gear and get as much as I can get done before one pm. Im not quite sure how full time working mothers do with so many half days and different dismissal schedules. As mothers, our needs fall very low on the totem pole. We have to accommodate, initiate and coordinate everything for our children. I personally want my children to have enjoyable days that are enriching and fun and therefore I put things aside and tend to them. The irony of it is that my children are perfectly happy to be home, Im the one that thinks I need to take them on outings all the time. Perhaps it’s me that needs the change of scenery. Actually there is no "perhaps" about it, I have to a dash into the city on occasion or I feel myself feeling stagnant.
Sometimes I wish I wonder what it would be like to live in a small neighborhood instead of on a long country road. I can’t imagine my kids opening up the door and having kids outside to play with. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see people outside.. how did I end up here on four acres with no one around. Can I blame this on my ex-husband or did I fall for the long beautiful driveway, tucked away for privacy. I think I will continue to blame him.. no Im just kidding as I have been divorced for 7 years and Im still in the same house in the woods. ( insert grin).
 We always think the grass is greener, I should know better by now that it is not. Some days however seem extraordinarily longer than others. Today I think is going to be one of them. So I will grin and enjoy the fact that my kids will have a fun day, filled with good friends and fun. It's not about me anymore anyhow, or is it? xo

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