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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sexy Music

“Music and Rhythm find their way into the places of the soul”- Plato
This morning after I turned on my Keurig machine,  I found  myself sitting in the kitchen listening to Lovesong by Adele. I love her music, I find it beautiful and insightful, passionate.
Lovesong is about falling in love the wonderful feeling that accompanies it. My children nonetheless are tired of hearing it but it has captured my soul as Plato suggested it would.
 I married a Morning show host- D.J. so you can imagine that music was part of the wooing process. We lived in the same high-rise building in Boston and I can remember going to my car one day and there was a CD tucked underneath my windshield wiper.

 It was a recording of Sade and her music embodies the beauty of love and attraction. If you want to set the mood, go with Sade.  
Music always takes me back to the defining moments of my life. I can remember listening to The Who with my eighth grade boyfriend. 

He used to write me the lyrics to 
some of the songs. It was the first time that anyone used the lyrics of a song to express their love to me. Thankfully it wouldn’t be the last time.
I remember my car pool going to Lauralton high school- we were all piled into the car listening to The Go Go's and the Cars. So funny to think about.
One of my former boyfriends owned a nightclub so I can vividly recall the loud thumping of Technotronic. I still love that hard beat of Pump up the Jam-it amuses me now but takes me back to another place, another time in life.
Pump It Up… 
I also remember the song that was playing when I got into a car accident- Soak Up The Sun- Sheryl Crow

 Im quite sure that my friend Rachael will never forget the nights at The Mercury Bar ,The Western Front and of course M-80.
I chose all the music for my father’s wake and funeral. I wanted Opera music to be playing at his wake as he was a lover of going to Lincoln Center for the entire Opera season. loved it and used to make us listen to it as we ventured into Manhattan when we were children. 

I disliked it as a child but grew to love it as my father did and I enjoyed attending a few operas with him before he died. I hear that music and my eyes well up as I think of the passion that stirred my father. I can’t even hear certain songs that were played at his funeral as they are just too sad. How power music is in keeping memories alive and intense.

I love observing my children becoming aware of the beauty of music. They both love music, Giavanna more than Christopher.  Her love of music is readily seen and Im quite sure that this would have delighted my father as much as it delights me. Christopher listens to the words of songs as intensely as I do.

 In search of meaning, insight or perhaps a lesson to be learned. We are very similar in that respect.
Music, it stirs the soul and indeed nourishes our spirit. It is a gift to be able to make it, appreciate it and get lost in it.  It’s always playing in our house- from classical to just depends on my mood. 

I think John Legend might be calling my name this morning. xo

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