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Sunday, January 8, 2012


"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone.  The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of the non-essentials." Lin Yutang

So it's after one pm and I can't seem to get my act together. I had such vision for my day- it started with going to church and then I was going to come home and organize all of my paperwork and rearrange my closets. I have done none of the three things on my to do list. In fact- I have been on my computer all morning and have read quite a bit. I have enjoyed the company of my children and phone calls with great friends.
I guess I have to give into my lack of productivity this Sunday. My mind is certainly nourished and brimming with new ideas for Suburban Adventure, however my "stuff" is not done. Isn't that what Monday through Friday is for- at some point we all need to stop and recharge our batteries.

Is the "stuff" of our life every really done anyhow. We buy the groceries, do the laundry, take care of the bills and clean the house continually. These acts never really come to completion but are rather suspended here and there. I suspect that is why I don't feel guilty about taking a few hours off. Wouldn't it be nice however if we lasted for more than a half of a day without a to-do list. Those days are long over and in fact I simply can't recall them. I used to think that my Mother had it so easy as she didn't have to go to school. I very specifically recall thinking how nice it was that she could stay home. I had no idea what went into raising three kids and cooking everything from scratch.

Fast forward twenty years- hmm... not so stimulating and luxurious after all. Instead of going to school... now my list of having to do things has to do with fulfilling everyone's needs. I would love to go back to school.  How fun it would be to have to wake up, get dressed and go to a lecture. It in fact sounds like a dream come true.  Giavanna told me yesterday that when she grows up she wants to buy a house on Hillside road in Fairfield. I laughed and told her not to rush the process, we all want to either grow up or recapture the earlier days. I say it is time to indulge in whatever period of life we are in.

Thus, today Im going to enrich my mind and not worry about the laundry, the bills or anything that sounds like a Monday morning activity. It's my time to indulge- hope you are doing the same. xo

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