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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bigger, Better and More

I think this would be the theme that wrapped up my day with Giavanna. Yesterday I took her to Pier 1 to get a few ornaments which we did NOT need as we have a huge assortment both old and new. This year she insisted that she have a mini tree in her room that was just for her. At first I said no and then she wore me down, she has the strongest personality of anyone that I know so this is not that uncommon.

Her tree was finished the other day until our trip to Pier 1 yesterday. We found the cutest ornaments- little black boots that had a gold high heel- as well as many other fancy ones and of course the more sparkly-  the better. Giavanna has adapted my taste for all that glitters but she takes it a step further. She decided that when she is older she will have a tree that is filled with ornate birds and fancy peacock feathers. The girl knows what she likes and the girl wants everything she sees.

Today, she decided that her tree- which remember- is completely decorated with lights and all --is now too small.  It's a "ridiculous" tree as of this afternoon and she only told me that she liked it as to not hurt my feelings. Her tantrum lasted for quite some time and I let her rant. My blood was boiling and the fact that I was tending to my kids activities all day did not help.

I was furious to think that she had not appreciated all the effort that I single-handly put into the Christmas festivities. She woke up this morning to her favorite cookies baking and a gingerbread house all ready to be decorated and assembled. I had her friends over yesterday and took them all out to eat and ornament shopping. I spent all day with her today Christmas shopping for her teachers and friends and then to their favorite restaurant again.

As far as I can tell, my kids have everything. They are typical Fairfield County kids who are spoiled with easy living, more Apple products than needed and a stay at home Mother who participates in all of their activities and life.
 Life is damn good for them, however,  when I see signs that are indicative of someone who is taking things for granted, that's it for me.

I removed the tree from her room and told her I was donating it to a little girl who would appreciate it. I then went into lecture mode. I reminded her of all that she has and told her that wanting more all the time would only lead to unhappiness. I told her to look around at our beautifully decorated six foot tree and appreciate it. I really lectured her on the important aspect of being grateful for all the things that she had.
I was hard on her and she needed me to be. Then I left her alone with the hope that she would absorb the message.

Our kids are so fortunate and I think that it is easy for them to always want bigger and better. It's the result of where we live and what we are bombarded with. Im the first to spoil my children however the minute they lose sight of their good fortune, they will hear about it and then some.

Giavanna is now in a good mood and has offered up more than one apology without me asking her for it. She will enjoy the tree that she has and is grateful that she even has her own tree in her room. Greed is bad but the temptations are all around us.

 I suppose now and then we all must be reminded to stop wanting more and appreciate all that we already have. xo

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