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Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Shortcuts With Love

A close friend of mine who is much older than myself once told me that you don't truly become an adult until both of your parents have died. I think of his words and wonder about the truth in that statement. My Mother is staying with us until her new home is ready to move into. I have not lived with my Mother since I was eighteen  years old and we simply approach life in an entirely different manner.

My Mother never worked outside of the home and her entire life has been dedicated to the family and the hearth. Everything was homemade and there were no shortcuts in preparing meals.  There was no such thing as the delivery man as we never ever had a food delivery made to our home. I didn't even know that getting Pizza out was really an option as my Mother made it for us.
 Pizza in a restaurant was deemed less than desirable.  We did dine out often but it was when we would head into New York City or go to an upscale restaurant. It was never for casual dining although on occasion we would go to a Greek diner.  Fast food was definitely out of the equation and pre made meals were not on the meal plan.  My Mother is a wonderful cook and the time that she took into preparation of cooking began in the morning.

I happen to enjoy dining out,  Im happy to go to Garelick and Herbs and purchase pre made food for my family and I hate to admit this but Mario Battoli makes a pretty good ala Vodka sauce.  I do make homemade pizza but Im also happy to order it out and it works for us.  It's hard to hide the pizza boxes from my Mother and since she sees me running around all day, I think she is on to my tricks.
When I have time, I love to cook homemade dishes, sauces and stews but the truth is- Im always on the go.

Garelick & Herbs

Mario Batali's Jarred Pasta Sauces | Serious Eats

As a single parent I have no one helping me with anything. The running of children in a million directions, the house, the bills and everything else is all on me. I can't spend all day cooking or rather let me be honest- I would rather be doing other things. I make sure that I fit into life the things that will bring me happiness and pleasure. I have to - I feel that I owe this to myself and know that if Im happy- it will bring greater happiness to my children.

The love and warmth that continually surrounds my kitchen table is very nourishing. We eat dinner together every night and we have great conversations at the table. Even if Im heading out to dinner without my children I still sit with them while they are dining and my presence is very much there.  Yes, I take a few shortcuts here and there in the kitchen but there are no shortcuts anywhere else. They have one hundred percent of my attention, love, involvement and strength.

So if Mario Battali can help me or a trip to Garelick and Herbs- why not indulge- as far as I can see everyone benefits in a multitude of ways.  Sorry mom- times have changed- you have to roll with it. xo

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