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Monday, October 3, 2011

Lies Lies Lies

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple"- Oscar Wilde

Honesty- why do people struggle with being honest.  Since Im a very direct person I have always struggled with the reality that people often have a very difficult time with honesty. We see this everyday when we ask people how they are doing- we often hear- Im great- things are great- everybody's great and business is great- in fact better than ever. That's the one that makes me laugh.

The entire country is in distress and yet your business is doing great.  Business owners and most other sales people- busier than ever?  Oh okay that's believable!  Im not trying to be wicked it's just that Im tired of people lying. Who are we trying to impress and why. Are we that inherently unhappy or insecure that we have to make everyone believe that our life is great. What is wrong with the obvious- that life can be difficult and life presents everyone with challenges- at times. Does that make you inferior to mankind?

I can always tell when someone is lying to me. This is a gift as well as a curse but I have yet to be wrong. I have an innate sense when people are trying to hide the truth or are exaggerating. It's like some kind of alert alarm starts going off in my brain and I just know.  What does lying get anyone as the truth always comes out. People are smart and we all know when someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  So the end result is that we are often untrusting of others. We learn who we can rely on and who will ultimately fail us.

My daughter lied to me this morning. She told me she was weak and rundown, funny she looked and acted fine to me.  She cried and told me that her throat hurt and I ended up letting her stay home from school. My mistake as she is now playing happily with her polly pockets collection and just painted a beautiful canvas for my Mother.
 Im quite sure that if I offered her an outing to the mall she would ready to go in a half a minute. Why did she lie- does she think that I don't know that she is fine. Will I trust her the next time that she claims she is ill- of course not.  She did however achieve what she wanted which is time alone with me.

If we are honest and upfront with each other than we are ultimately honest with ourselves. If we can't be honest with those closest to us than we have to question who we are as individuals. Perhaps people are so insecure they are afraid they will lose those closest to them if they bared their soles. I think relationships would be infinitely more successful if people were honest. As individuals it is essential to accept the truth in what people have to offer- particularly in relationships. Some hold on to others because they need their financial support- I see this all the time- others hold on to the false promises that change will take place.  As Billy Joel says Honesty is such a lonely word- everyone is so untrue. I think that's a very sad song as it is so accurate. Too bad for that.

Just for the day- be honest to people- tell them the truth. Don't hide from exposing your inner self- you have nothing to lose as if you are not truthful- your identity has already been compromised. Those who love you will accept you with all of your shortcomings and all. They will love and accept you despite the fact that you are not perfect. People know when you are lying so continue on if you so desire but the only person your fooling is yourself. xo

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Anonymous said...

If people bared their soles, they would not be wearing shoes. It's the soul you are writing about.