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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let It Go...

"Only that day dawns to which we are awake" Henry David Thoreau

How do we create satisfaction, happiness, harmony and wisdom in a world that is riddled with negativity. I have never been one to incorporate meditation into my daily routine however lately Im finding the need for reflection.
 I want to experience life to the fullest and in doing so- on occasion I have to deal with disappointment and irritation.  Things do not turn out the way we want to or people do not live up to our expectations- these things are a part of life. It is how we handle them and reflect upon them that make the difference in the outcome. 

If someone or something is causing you distress, step away from the situation and look at it through the eyes of a stranger. Detach your emotion and evaluate the reality of the behavior as opposed to the fantasy that you have created. People do not change, what you see is what you get. How you deal with the person makes all the difference. This brings me back to Thoreau who believed in quieting the mind.

Mindfulness is the root of Buddhist thinking and can bring wonderful tranquility in our often chaotic lives. Let go of the preoccupation with the past and the worries of the future if only for an hour. Let go of anger and upset and disappointment.  Forgive people who do not live up to your expectations and those who are entangled because they are too weak to let go. 

You can't control anyone nor encourage them to change should they not desire to. Accept who they are and what they want. Mindfulness- stop examining every aspect of life and be mindful of your own growth and self exploration.  Wake up to your own soul and your own capabilities. Your love affair should be with yourself above all others. Expect nothing and you will be pleasantly surprised. Let go of your idea of perfection and the illusion of happily ever after. Enjoy the moment and accept those you love for who they are despite their imperfections. Forgive, detach and let go,  and in doing so you will free yourself from your own man-made prison. xo

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